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Bridgerton star reveals ’emotional toll’ behind new film: ‘I had to take myself to some dark places’

Bridgerton star Ruby Barker has said that her new film took ‘an emotional toll’, explaining that she sometimes struggles to separate herself from her characters.

Before filming the wildly popular Netflix drama, the Marina Thompson actress shot her first feature film, How To Stop a Recurring Dream, which focuses on the bond between two estranged sisters, Yakira (Ruby) and Kelly (Lily-Rose Aslandogdu).

‘It is a sensitive topic,’ Ruby explained to ‘My character had to go through quite a lot and I had to take myself to some dark places to get to where I had to be in that moment for the scene.

‘All I wanted was to nail it and just get it right for Yakira. It was difficult. I suppose it did take a bit of a toll if I’m completely honest, because it was really highly emotional stuff. And then afterwards, coming off that film, I took on too much immediately after.

‘One thing that I’ve learned is when you’re playing highly emotional characters, you’ve gotta figure out a way to separate yourself from the character, because otherwise there’s just no way to function.’

How To Stop A Recurring Dream sees Yakira kidnap her younger sister in an attempt to reconnect before they part in the midst of a split-custody separation.

The 24-year-old actress added that she was drawn to the film because she shares a lot of personal experiences with the main character, pointing out: ‘I suppose I just saw myself in this role.

‘It felt like the sort of thing that I would have done in my youth – I know that sounds a bit extreme because she does kidnap her sister! But it just felt like me – everything that the family was going through, I really related to, the family separating, I come from a separated ]family] background myself.

‘Her little sister, how much she loves her and how difficult their relationship is, I totally get that, I have a sister myself.

‘There were just a lot of parallels between Yakira’s life and my own. It felt like the film I’d been waiting for.’

Ruby made her name in Netflix’s Bridgerton (Picture: Netflix)

Ruby made her name as part of the incredible cast of Bridgerton, which became Netflix’s most successful series of all time.

It was widely praised for its colourblind casting, with Ruby saying other TV shows should follow suit.

 ‘I think I think the proof is in the pudding,’ she said.

‘Colourblind casting, whether you like that term or not, it has been extremely successful. There is no reason why any production shouldn’t be considering colourblind casting from now on and in the future, because it is a success.

Bridgerton is proof of that.’

How To Stop A Recurring Dream is available on digital streaming platforms now.


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