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Draco Malfoy has only 31 minutes of screen time in the Harry Potter series and fans are not okay

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Draco only scored half an hour worth of time on screen (Picture: PUBLICITY PICTURE/ WARNER BROS)

So this week it was put forth by a Harry Potter fan that our beloved antagonist Draco Malfoy scored only half an hour of screen time in the entire series.

An entire eight-movie series that runs for over 19 hours, may we add.

Earlier this week a Twitter user by the name of @alexsummersx tweeted something that has continued to set the Twittersphere alight to this day.

They wrote: ‘The fact Draco Malfoy was only in 31 minutes throughout the WHOLE of the Harry Potter franchise (19 hrs & 40 mins) jus doesn’t sit right with me.’

It was all due to a page on film database IMDB, which claimed Draco, played by Tom Felton, only appeared on screen for the rather minute amount of time. In fact, his presence equated to around 2.5% of the full time.

And the real kicker? According to the resurfaced article, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, old mate Draco only appeared for one minute and 15 seconds.

Where is the ruddy justice, eh?

Now, while we have to admit that, unfortunately, we didn’t have 19 hours up our sleeves to go back and check this ourselves today, other people apparently did, with the news setting off the Harry Potter fandom well and good.

Soon the scene descended into battle over whether Draco was robbed of more time (and, thus, Tom as well), or whether we all just needed to calm down because he’s a silly side character and who cares about them anyway, right?


One was mighty perplexed at their ability to fall in love with Tom Felton in such a short period of time, writing: ‘The fact that Draco Malfoy only appeared in Harry Potter for 31 minutes blows my mind. How did I manage to fall in love with Tom Felton in 31 minutes?’

Another brought to us the brilliant term, Big Slytherine Energy: ‘Ok but the fact Draco only needed 31 minutes to have the same amount as impact as the main characters. B.S.E. Big Slytherine Energy.’

Perhaps everyone is losing their wands over the thought that a character that has, evidently, left such a mark on us spent so little inf front of our faces.

It wasn’t just Draco that scored mini time on screen, with the estimation put forth that Hagrid (played by Robbie Coltrane) only had just 45 minutes and 45 seconds across the popular franchise.

Heck, even Voldemort, sorry, he who shall not be named, only had 37 minutes.

Of course it goes without saying old mate Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) scored the most amount of screen time (be weird if he didn’t), with nearly nine hours spent running around trying not to die.

Still, nine out of 19 seems a bit low? Honestly, what were those films filled with? Did we black out for a bit there in Prisoner of Azkaban?

His chums didn’t fare nearly as well as Potter, with Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) grabbing three-and-a-half hours each.

The real loser out of all this is Hedwig though, who only managed to nab six minutes and 15 seconds.


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