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Forever Purge producer on how horror sequel accidentally mirrors racial tensions in US

Horror fans have something to celebrate as the Forever Purge is finally hitting the big screen.

The fifth film in the franchise was originally due to be released last July, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, movie bosses decided to hold off until it could be seen in cinemas.

The chilling flick takes place in Texas eight years after the events of Election Year, but switches things up in a more sinister way – instead of just one annual day of violence, some perpetrators have decided to hold a ‘Forever Purge’, until America has been rid of all ‘minorities’.

Mexican couple Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera) are shaken by the events and desperately seek shelter, with Dylan (Josh Lucas) and his pregnant wife Cassie (Cassidy Freeman), sticking by their side.

Purge films are always making a not-very subtle dig at the state of the world, with the fifth and final film not an exception, shining a huge spotlight on events in the US that are happening to this very day, concerning immigration and racial tensions.

However, chatting to, producer and horror legend Jason Blum insisted that this mirroring of real-world events wasn’t actually intended, as the film was completed in 2019.

The Forever Purge is out in cinemas on July 16 (Picture: YouTube)

‘The film was supposed to be released last summer. We held this movie and we held Halloween, because I really felt both of these movies just couldn’t be appreciated at home in nearly the same way they can be appreciated in a theatre,’ he told us.

‘It was made and finished before the election, before Covid-19, before any of that stuff. So if any of that stuff feels like it was woven into the movie, it’s only because [writer] James DeMonaco can see the future, but it had nothing to do with actually affecting his writing of the script.

‘He’s done that with three or four other movies where he’ll write the movie and then current events catch up to what was in the movie, I don’t know how he does it but he’s got an amazing mind. He’s got a great imagination.’

Jason continued: ‘It shone a spotlight on problems in America, and I think all five movies really undo the notion of the American dream. In America, and around the world, there’s this fiction about the American dream.

This will be the fifth and final Purge film (Picture: YouTube)

‘The Purge is really about the fact that the American dream is not all that it’s cracked up to be, that’s the underlying theme of all the movies, and that we have a ton of problems in this country.

‘James is interested in that, but I think first and foremost, he’s interested in making a great, exciting movie that you have to cover your face while you watch.’

Everardo Valerio Gout was at the helm of the upcoming Purge movie, and managed to put his own spin on proceedings while also ensuring that audiences were as terrified as ever.

Side note: We dare you to not look away at the very ominous cage scene…

We dare you not to turn away from this terrifying moment (Picture: YouTube)

Everardo made sure to keep the overall topic of diversity on the mind of viewers throughout the film.

Ana, who starred as Adela, was just thrilled that there was an emphasis in making things authentic to Mexican culture, which is not often seen in Hollywood.

‘I was just happy to be talking about these topics, and I think everyone did a great job about it,’ she said. ‘I think Jason and James were very smart about putting this in the script, hiring a director who was Mexican.

‘Everardo really, really wanted us to be actors who had an accent, who are Mexicans, we all sounded the same. Sometimes they cast one Puerto Rican and one Spanish guy and then one Mexican, and we all sound different.

‘It’s going to be a lot of, I hope, a Latino audience… People who speak English, they wouldn’t know, but Everardo wanted the film to feel very real, and I think that was also very smart from the producers.’

Ana is hoping that people take in the core message of the film as the credits roll, adding: ‘For me, it’s more a film about equality and respect for everyone, whoever you are, for your background, from your culture, so it’s about respecting each other.

‘We are all human, we are all here to help one another, to make us feel that we’re in this together. It’s just seeing this movie about two different worlds colliding for the same purpose that is saving their lives.

‘They become a team when they wouldn’t ever be a team.’

Forever Purge is released in cinemas on July 16.


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