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Gal Gadot says Wonder Woman 1984 is the ‘hardest movie’ she’s worked on: ‘We raised the bar’

Gal Gadot has revealed the Wonder Woman sequel is the hardest film she’s had to shoot during her career.

Wonder Woman 1984 is finally being released this month and the actress confirmed she and director Patty Jenkins ‘raised the bar’ in the highly-anticipated DC flick.

The film sees the 35-year-old return as Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, but this time she’s living in Reagan Era America.

The movie sees our superhero face-off against well-known Wonder Woman nemesis Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig, as well as another mysterious superpower.

Speaking in a virtual conference, Gal opened up about the intense eight-month filming process as she stated: ‘This is the hardest movie I ever got to shoot, by far. But it was worth it. Because the first movie was received in such an amazing way, there was just no way we’re going to take any shortcuts.

‘We were just going to raise the bar and give everything we had because we knew people were so invested with the character and cared so much about Diana.’

The star revealed how the cast and crew shot as many scenes as possible without the help of CGI (Picture: Clay Enos/Warner Bros Pictures/AP)

The actress explained: ‘I feel like everything about this movie was a lot. Everything was super planned ahead from the sets, locations, costumes, fight coordination, and the acting… everything was very laborious,

‘But at the end of the day, that’s why now when watching the movie you actually you can tell. The effort really shows.’

Gal revealed director Patty had insisted to using a little CGI as possible as she continued: ‘Patty really made a point about not wanting to have minimum amount of CGI. So most of the stuff that you’re going to see is real people doing the real thing, whether it’s us or the stunt people, it’s real people.

‘So everything took much longer, you have to prep and rehearse much longer. The wire stunt work that we’ve done in the mall scene and and for the fight with Cheetah was like it was never before, I think. Just because people don’t do these type of wire rigs anymore, and they just do CGI.’

The actress couldn’t hold back her pride as she stated: ‘But when you see it in the movie, you can just tell that it’s the real deal. You can see by the facial expressions that it’s real, you can see the weight and the movement and the speed.’

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released in UK cinemas on December 16, and the film drops in theatres and HBO Max on Christmas Day in the US.


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