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Henry Golding teases Snake Eyes sequel as he joins GI Joe universe

Henry Golding has teased a possible sequel to Snake Eyes before the first film has even hit the cinemas.

The 34-year-old stars as the titular character of the film – which is released on August 18 and is part of the G.I. Joe universe – and plays a loner who is welcomed into the Arashikage, an ancient Japanese clan, after saving the life of their heir.

There, they teach him the ways of the ninja warrior, while also giving him a home. But it’s not smooth sailing and his honour and allegiance is soon questioned when secrets of his past come to light.

Chatting to ahead of the release, the Crazy Rich Asians actor is already anticipating that fans will be demanding a follow-up immediately.

‘After everybody watches this movie, I think they’re all going to be asking for the next one. The next Snake Eyes,’ he told us. ‘So I want to see the story go all the way around and finish off this tale, before we go on to something bigger and better.

‘But of course, in doing that, we still have the option of introducing more and more characters, expanding the world that we know, and it definitely lends itself to that.’

Henry Golding teased a possible Snake Eyes sequel (Picture: Paramount)

However, Henry remained coy on whether we’ll be getting our hands on that sequel, laughing: ‘Who knows, we’re gonna see how everybody loves the first. But there’s definitely plans to expand.’

Snake Eyes gives the actor, whose credits include Last Christmas, The Gentleman and A Simple Favour, a chance to flex his action muscles for the first time.

Spilling the beans on the gruelling training process behind the anti-superhero, he continued: ‘It was really intense and to be able to accomplish things that make us be in awe on screen, there’s so much tremendous work that needs to be done off screen.

The stunts in Snake Eyes are next level (Picture: Paramount)

‘One, the planning of the stunts themselves, two the training, getting the actors to a capable level of being able to do all of that safely, but also make it look absolutely amazing.

‘So pre-production is crucial when it comes to making action films and it’s something that we revelled in, we really enjoyed it.’

But, of course, there were a few things that went wrong on set, with some stunts leaving him ducking for cover.

‘We had a couple of swords, we had some loose swords,’ he recalled. ‘Of course, once in a while you’ll lose your grip and the sword goes flying off somewhere.

‘Some of those scenes were terrifying, to be stood on top of car carriers, and to be able to have to concentrate and doing all the manoeuvres and jumping from car to car.

‘One of many, many sequences that I can’t wait for audience members to see on the big screen.’

Bring it on.

Snake Eyes is released in cinemas on August 18.


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