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How Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Paved the Way for No Way Home and the Spider-Verse

The dimensions of animated movies and video games are merging. Excellent graphics and complex gameplay are putting games and films at the same level. Games designed for the latest consoles are more realistic than ever. Meanwhile, the production of a new game resembles quite a lot of the production of a movie.

This article explores the richness of the Spider-Verse and the latest Spider-Man movie.


Parallel Universes


The concept of ‘dimension’ in comic books deserves a quick explanation. For those unfamiliar with it, there are several ‘universes’ or a ‘multiverse’. Those different realities have different characters and storylines. Those universes, or ‘realities’, can take place in the future, for instance. In others, some characters may have died.

Superhero movies will likely choose one of those realities or even mix them up. The same goes for games developed based on them. Fans can interact with their favourite stories in online casino games, like a themed online roulette game for example.

Check below some of the main realities in Marvel comic books.

Earth-616 (Mainstream)

Also called mainstream, this universe is where most Marvel stories happen.

Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

It’s another well-known reality for fans. Here, many new characters are introduced, while others are dead.

Earth-982 (Marvel Comics 2)

This reality brings an alternate future, ten years ahead in Marvel time. Several events were changed, added or erased altogether.

Earth-928 (2099)

The year is 2099 in this futuristic reality. Here, many classic heroes have gone and became legends. New heroes and villains carry on their legacies.

Earth-311 (Marvel 1602)

In this reality, Captain America travels to the past, and the ‘Heroic Age’ takes place in the 17th century.

Earth-90214 (Marvel Noir)

The Marvel Noir moves the ‘Heroic Age’ to the 1930s.

Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies)

In this reality, the Sentry is a zombie, and it travels to a different reality (Earth-2149), infecting both heroes and villains.

Spider Cluster

The video game ‘Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions’ was launched in 2010. Compatible with the top consoles of the moment, it was a feast for the superhero’s fans. The game mixes Spider-Men and villains from different dimensions. Fans expect the same idea from the new movie, No Way Home.

The animation Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, won an Oscar for the best-animated film. Here, the comic book author had admitted the influence of the video game Shattered Dimensions in the way realities mix up. The events in the game and the animation inspired the movie.

The movie follows the same idea of mixed realities. Indeed, it’s expected to be Marvel’s most significant production since Avengers. Projects with massive casts and extensive use of CGI are well-tested and rarely fail to deliver box-office success.



Photo: Sony

The ‘Spider-Verse’ is an excellent example of how different entertainments can exchange influences. Video games, animated movies and live-action combined create endless possibilities for new adventures.

What’s more is that many of us have life-long memories of the various Spider-Man personas, and the Spider-Verse is a place where they all unite. It’s a magical place that many of us will find an entire for a lifetime.

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