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Iconic scream queen and Halloween legend Jamie Lee Curtis doesn’t even like horror films

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Jamie Lee Curtis is best known for playing Laurie Strode (Picture: Universal Pictures)

Jamie Lee Curtis is the ultimate scream queen, starring in legendary horror films like Halloween, The Fog and Prom Night.

But bizarrely, the woman who brought the iconic final girl Laurie Strode to life doesn’t even like horror films that much.

The 62-year-old rocketed to fame in 1978 with the first Halloween film and has reprised her role as Laurie Strode numerous times over the years.

The daughter of old Hollywood stars Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh – herself a scream queen thanks to her role in Psycho – Curtis was immediately dubbed a scream queen for her star-making turn in the classic movie.

She has since appeared in films such as in the 1981 sequel, 1998’s Halloween H20 and 2002’s Halloween: Resurrection, as well as the modern trilogy helmed by filmmaker David Gordon Green, which includes current release Halloween Kills.

However, Jamie has admitted she would not voluntarily watch one of the films.

She told the PA news agency: ‘I don’t like these movies. I don’t watch these movies. I’m not a fan of the genre.‘I am a fan of the fans of the genre. I love that people love them. I don’t have to love them. I don’t have to say they don’t have value, they have value. People love them.

‘I just spoke to one gentleman, he was out of his mind and he’s so excited and I’m thrilled for him that he loves these. I don’t have to love them.

‘I love the filmmakers. I love the filmmaking. I think the last 20 minutes of this movie are so beautiful. And yet they’re incredibly violent.

‘But I also think the filmmaking is exquisitely beautiful, beautiful homages, beautiful orchestration, visual orchestration. So I can appreciate the genre without being a fan of it.’

Halloween Kills is the second part of a trilogy helmed by Green, which began in 2018 with Halloween, which found Laurie still dealing with the trauma imparted on her by Michael Myers.

Jamie said: ‘I didn’t know it was a trilogy when we signed up for the first one. I found that out only after we’d shot the first movie.

‘That is when I learned we were doing more. But as soon as I understood what David was doing, to bring back not only legacy characters, but to talk about the concentric circles of grief and trauma that happened around a centralised figure, a community in trauma.

‘I thought was a really inventive way to bring back characters, get it out of now, this generational movie which we watched, an entire movie about three people, and start the spin cycle.

‘Now watch these people start to reject the system, the system fails, the police officers seem inept, they cannot help. And to watch that growing tide of people was very scary and powerful.’

The trilogy will conclude with the upcoming third instalment, entitled Halloween Ends and expected to be released next year, and Curtis said it will be a fitting finale.

She added: ‘I think there’s a very clear path here that I think will be incredibly satisfying to the audience at the end.

‘I think it will make them ask a lot of questions, I think they will be shocked by the ending of the next movie, and will be sort of stunned by what David Green is talking about.

‘So that seems to be a perfect place to not run it into the ground, but actually put it up into the cloud, put it up into the universe, and let it just sort of spin around for a while.

‘Obviously, I’m not going to re-join another Halloween movie so quickly, but it certainly tees it up for you to be able to explore other characters, it’s quite extraordinary what they’re doing.’

Halloween Kills is out now in UK cinemas.


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