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James Marsden teases another ridiculous costume for Disenchanted following those iconic giant puff sleeves

James Marsden has teased what Enchanted fans can expect from his character in the hotly anticipated sequel Disenchanted – and it sounds like extravagant costumes are once again on the menu.

The 48-year-old returns as Prince Edward, who was mistakenly believed to be central character Giselle’s (Amy Adams) true love in the first movie.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of Sonic the Hedgehog 2’s release, he said: ‘It’s fun to go down this road again, albeit 15 years later. We’re all a little longer in the tooth as they stay but still showing up, still fitting into the prince costume.’

The star admitted that he wears ‘something similar’ in the new film to his iconic (and giant) striped puff sleeves, and we would expect nothing less from Disney.

He also revealed that he will be singing again, after wowing with his voice on Alen Menken duet True Love’s Kiss with Amy last time around.

‘You know what I’m just going to tell you that I sing,’ he divulged, after spilling on his wardrobe. ‘I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that, but yes.’

It’s difficult to forget the majesty of these sleeves (Picture: Berry Wetcher/Disney Enterprises)

He added: ‘And Idina Menzel, who criminally did not sing in the first movie, a musical film where Idina Menzel did not use her voice, is now singing.’

Cinderella star Idina featured as Nancy, who neatly ends up happily ever after with Edward in the animated Andalasia after Giselle falls for her lawyer boyfriend Robert, played by Patrick Dempsey.

Although she didn’t get the chance to show off her vocals in 2007, the Broadway star has since shot to Disney stardom as the voice of Elsa in Frozen and its sequel, giving the powerhouse singer her own huge hits including Into the Unknown and, of course, Let It Go.

Amy as Giselle in the original film’s joyous number That’s How You Know (Picture: Disney)

Alongside the returning stars, the sequel has also added Saturday Night Live favourite Maya Rudolph, Community actor Yvette Nicole Brown and Glee star Jayma Mays to the cast, reportedly to serve as the film’s villains.

Amy and Patrick were spotted this week, filming scenes for the sequel in New York City.

James’s Sonic co-star Ben Schwartz, who voices the iconic blue video game character, was also well-versed on his pal’s upcoming movie, and joked ‘I’ll take it from here’ before giving a rundown on behalf of James.

‘He was in Ireland for a couple of weeks, had a really good shot out there. Had a really good time in County Kerry baby, and is there singing? He’ll never tell. But it’s fun to actually do the sequel of something like that, because he gets to be a bigger than life character in the first one, and his wardrobe is incredible.

‘This one, his character has a secret, so keep in mind – Disenchanted – and he’s going to go for it. Full on, it’s called full on.’

Renfield actor Ben’s summary was laughingly given the thumbs up by James, who said he was ‘pretty spot on’.

‘This is why they cast us in Sonic because we know each other so well we can read each other’s thoughts,’ he mused.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is exclusively in cinemas now. Disenchanted is slated for an autumn 2022 release on Disney Plus.


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