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James McAvoy improvised an entire film as chilling My Son trailer released

James McAvoy is stepping completely out of his comfort zone for his new film My Son, which sees him improvising the entire time.

The Scottish actor wasn’t given a script for the experimental new thriller, instead just being given plot points.

In the trailer, it’s described as a ‘groundbreaking filmmaking achievement where both actor and audience uncover the mystery at the exact same time.’

James stars as father Edmond Murray who receives a call from his ex-wife (Claire Foy) in tears one night after their seven-year-old son was found to be missing.

Soon it becomes clear that the child was kidnapped and the parents give way to despair.

In the teaser, James speaks about his experience filming the thriller, saying: ‘I hope we’ll give the audience something really tangible that they can hang on as this thriller rattles on.’

His character is then seen falling apart over feeling like he failed his son.

Edmond speaks to the police about his missing son, before they bring his mysterious job into question.

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James clearly relished the opportunity (Picture: Peacock)

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The actor stars as dad Edmond Murray (Picture: Peacock)

‘You have reason to believe that it’s because of what I do that he’s missing?’ he asks.

The police officer responds: ‘Mr Murray, I have to tell you that we’re investigating every hypothesis – including kidnapping. Would you say your work was dangerous?’

Meanwhile, something is not quite right with the investigation as the officer in charge is suddenly pulled off the case.

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Claire Foy stars alongside him (Picture: Peacock)

My Celebrity Life –

The thriller looks chilling (Picture: Peacock)

‘Tell me what I want to know,’ Edmond is then heard saying, before screaming: ‘Where’s my son?!’

My Son is an English-language remake of hit French thriller Mon Garcon, with the leading actor, Guillaume Canet, not being given a script in the original either.

Christian Carion, who helmed the original French version, is returning to direct the remake.

The flick is being released on NBCUniversal but a UK release is currently still up in the air.

James is best known for his roles in the X-Men franchise, on films like Split and in TV shows like His Dark Materials, while Claire played a young Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s The Crown.

My Son is released on NBCUniversal on September 15.


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