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Line Of Duty fans only now realising Kelly MacDonald voiced Merida in Pixar movie Brave

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Line Of Duty’s Kelly MacDonald also voiced Merida in Brave (Picture: BBC/Pixar)

Fans are eagerly awaiting Line Of Duty’s series six finale tonight and while they do, some are finally realising that DCI Joanna Davidson (played by Kelly Macdonald) voiced Merida in the animation Brave.

Brave was released in 2012 and it broke the mould when it came to your classic Disney princess movie.

It was the first Pixar film to have a female protagonist and Merida was the first Disney princess to not have a love interest.

Set in the Scottish Highlands, the blockbuster tells the story of Princess Merida of DunBroch, who defies tradition when she reveals that she doesn’t want to marry. When Merida’s mother, Queen Elinor, is cursed to transform into a bear, Merida must find a way to save the kingdom.

Merida and Jo are characters that couldn’t be any more different from each other, and even though this is exactly what acting entails, viewers have said it has changed the way they view Jo in Line Of Duty.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the realisation.

My Celebrity Life –

Series six of Line of Duty ends tonight on BBC1 (Picture: BBC)

‘Listening to Kelly Macdonald speak this morning being interviewed by @mrdanwalker on @BBCBreakfast, the pen finally dropped as to where I knew her from. Kelly voices Merida in Disney’s Brave. My mind is blown,’ one person wrote.

‘Why have i [sic] only just realised that kelly macdonald voices merida in brave,’ another stated.

Finding out there was a link between the characters has proven to be almost too much for some, as they said they now couldn’t separate the two.

One person said: ‘I knew I knew the voice somewhere. Kelly Macdonald voiced Merida from Brave. Cannot take it seriously now!! #lineofduty.’




Another revealed: ‘really struggling to watch season 6 of @Line_of_duty without hearing Merida from Brave every time Kelly Macdonald speaks.’

Kelly spoke to The Hollywood Reporter when the film was released about what she loved about the character.

‘She makes her own mistakes and then she doesn’t need a prince charming to come and makes things better,’ she said.

‘She makes her own trouble, and then she gets herself out of that trouble, and I think that’s a very good message.’

The finale episode of Line of Duty airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


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