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Make space in the Lambily as Ryan Reynolds brands himself ‘total Mariah Carey fan’ for Fantasy-filled Free Guy

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Jodie as the mysterious Molotovgirl with Ryan’s Guy (Picture: 20th Century Fox)

Ryan Reynolds has labelled himself a ‘total Lamb’, as he was revealed to be the brains behind the idea of using Mariah Carey’s Fantasy as the anthem for his upcoming movie Free Guy.

During the global press conference for the film, which sees Ryan play a non-playable character (NPC) in the video game Free City, who becomes self-aware, he and director Shawn Levy shared how the song came to feature on the soundtrack.

Free Guy includes Guy’s love of the 90s superstar diva, and the track Fantasy specifically, which the singer released in 1995 as part of her fifth studio album Daydream – something Ryan had a lot to do with.

‘Ryan is kind of a maestro of the odd, random but inspired song idea,’ explained director Shawn, who is also a producer for Netflix’s nostalgic megahit Stranger Things.

‘He is obsessive about it, and early on when we were working on the script, Ryan’s like, “You know what I think should be the anthem of this entire movie – and marketing campaign?”

‘And he suggested this song by Mariah and little did we know that by the third act of the movie we’d have a cover of that song by our very own Jodie Comer.’

In Free Guy, Jodie stars as Millie Rusk, a brilliant games designer who is trawling through the open-world game Free City as biker badass Molotovgirl, in search of evidence that Free City’s arrogant creator Antwan (Taika Waititi) stole her work. Helping her is ex-business partner and programmer Keys, played by Stranger Things’ Joe Keery.

Lead actor Ryan, 44, also disclosed how a very different song almost took the place of Mariah’s famous, whistle-tone showcasing bop.

He said: ‘In the earliest draft, we’d written in The Outfield’s Your Love and it ended up just not fitting right, but then Mariah Carey’s Fantasy just came like a lightning bolt – it’s like an engine for so much of the movie, it’s really fantastic.’

When he was welcomed as member of the Lambily – the name by which Mariah collectively refers to her fans – he agreed: ‘I’m a Lamb. I am a total Lamb.’

The Deadpool actor also spoke about playing a naïve and innocent character like Guy, joking: ‘Well, my default is pure trash on the inside, so for this it’s slightly new for me’ as he revealed that one of his inspirations for the role – and the first ‘foothold’ he had into the character – was the 1979 film Being There, starring comedy icon Peter Sellers as a simple-minded gardener.

My Celebrity Life –

Ryan as Guy, who discovers all is not what it seems in his world (Picture: 20th Century Fox)

My Celebrity Life –

Guy levels up in the movie (Picture: 20th Century Fox)

Hollywood star Ryan recently pitched a short movie, which would see his famous ‘trash’ antihero interrogating the hunter who shot Bambi’s mother in the animated classic, but Disney – perhaps unsurprisingly – shut that idea down.

When it comes to Free Guy’s theatrical release, director Shawn explained that Free Guy was ‘made with one goal in mind, which is collective delight’.

‘That’s what we were going for in that it is an experience that you can feel on your couch at home, but it feels really different among other humans in the dark.’

Free Guy is out in cinemas on August 13.


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