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Meet The Heroes & Villains Of I Am Your Woman

As the star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rachel Brosnahan can clearly nail playing a distraught housewife in a period piece. So, she is more than capable of leading the crime drama I’m Your Woman set in the 1970s. But her character here finds herself in a dark situation that is more treacherous than anything Midge has had to handle.

In the movie, Brosnahan plays a woman named Jean whose life is put at risk after her husband deceives his business partners. Her husband is missing and the men he conned are out for revenge, which forces Jean to go on the run to protect herself and her baby. She must leave her quiet life as a wife and mother behind and become a new woman who is not afraid of death.

Jean meets multiple people who risk their lives to keep her safe and teach her how to defend herself. She also encounters the criminals who are tracking her throughout the film. Her allies and the crooks looking for her are played by multiple character actors who transform themselves for all of their roles. Find out who travelled back to the 1970s to co-star with Brosnahan in I’m Your Woman and whether they are playing a friend or foe.

Rachel Brosnahan plays Jean

Jean, a homemaker with a newborn baby, has her world shaken when her husband’s shady business deals leave her with no other option besides running to save her life. She has to support herself for the first time and figure out how to keep her and her baby safe along a fearful journey. I’m Your Woman shows Brosnahan playing a much edgier version of her Marvelous Mrs. Maisel character Midge. The Amazon Prime series is her most well-known role and has earned her an Emmy and two Golden Globes. She has also had main parts in other TV shows and films like Manhattan, House of Cards, The Finest Hours, and Patriots DayPhoto: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Arinzé Kene plays Cal

Jean is not aware that her husband has wrecked their life and abandoned her until a gunslinger named Cal arrives in her home. He protects her from the vicious men trying to hunt her family down. British actor Kene has booked multiple roles across the pond in series like EastEnders, Youngers, Crazyhead, and Informer. He also appeared in the Netflix musical romance called Been So Long with Michaela Coel. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Marsha Stephanie Blake plays Teri

After helping Jean escape from the goons tracking her, Cal takes her to meet his family including his wife Teri. As the trailer shows, Teri is ready to stand with her husband and work to keep a wanted woman safe. Blake has a long list of credits on her resume including multiple Netflix productions like Orange Is the New Black, Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us, and the crime comedy The Laundromat. She was recently seen in the rom-com The Photograph, the final season of How to Get Away with Murder, and Seth Rogen’s movie American Pickle. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Bill Heck plays Eddie

Although this movie is filled with old Hollywood style gangsters, I am predicting the real villain of this movie is Jean’s husband Eddie simply because he is the source of all her troubles. Eddie keeps his underhanded business deals a secret and Jean does not ask any questions until she is forced to. Heck has landed guest arcs in television shows throughout his career. Some of the shows he has appeared in are The Leftovers, The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, Bluff City Law, Ray Donovan, and Little America. His most recent role was playing Rendell Locke in Netflix’s Locke & Key. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Frankie Faison plays Art

Art is Cal’s father. Like his son, Art is also a skilled gun handler and teaches Jean how to shoot and defend herself. He tells her that anyone can learn how to use a weapon but the difficult part will be what she chooses to do when confronted.Faison is a seasoned actor who has popped up in an endless amount of classic films like Coming to America and Do the Right Thing. Two of his most recognised television roles are Commissioner Ervin Burrell from The Wire and Sugar Bates from Banshee. He led the short-lived NBC drama The Village last year. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

Marceline Hugot plays Evelyn

Evelyn is Jean’s neighbour who tries to appear unassuming and kind. But, Jean’s heightened sense of paranoia allows her to see through the act. Hugot is another talented character actor on this cast list. You might recognise her from guest arcs on New Amsterdam, Ozark, What We Do in the Shadows, The Leftovers, or 30 Rock. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

James McMenamin plays White Mike

No details have been released yet about McMenamin’s character. But, based on his name, I am going to guess that he is one of the dangerous men looking for Jean. McMenamin is a fellow Orange Is the New Black alum. He played Charlie “Donuts” Coates from 2015 to 2018. He also appeared in Netflix’s Teenage Bounty Hunters series and had a guest arc on Manifest this year for three episodes. Photo: Courtesy of Amazon Studios.

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