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Michael Keaton declares himself the best Batman and teases potential return to the Batsuit

Michael Keaton has a favourite Batman and it’s—shockingly—Michael Keaton.

The 69-year-old, who starred as the Caped Crusader in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), was on Jimmy Kimmel discussing rumours he might appear in The Flash, set to hit screens in 2022.

And while Michael couldn’t give a definitive answer—only saying he was ‘having discussions’ about the project—he was far more absolute when asked about others who had previously donned the black mask.

He cast his vote while promoting his latest project, the Aaron Sorkin-directed The Trial of the Chicago 7, based on a real-life 1968 Chicago trial.

‘Well let me ask you about some of the other Batmen then, since you can’t talk about yourself,’ said Jimmy.

‘We know Ben Affleck is also playing Batman in this movie… will there be a conclave of Batmen?’

‘All 127 of them!’ Michael joked before Jimmy asked him: ‘Michael, who was the best Batman?’

Without skipping a beat, Michael replied: ‘Me.’

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Michael starred in Batman: Returns with Michele Pfieffer (Picture: Warner Bros)

Hyped fans flooded the segment’s YouTube comments to back Michael’s vote for himself.

‘Yeah, Michael Keaton was my Batman as a kid. He’s still my favourite. It’s amazing, Michael Keaton seems almost timeless, and still full of energy,’ one popular comment read.

Another person added: ‘This dude went from a badass, suave Batman to a bats**t crazy Beetlejuice. No one can compare.’

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Fans were in full favour of Michael returning (Picture: YouTube)

My Celebrity Life –

Michael’s legacy endures after all these years (Picture: YouTube)

And a third wrote in all caps: ‘Keaton was absolutely the best Batman of all time. To this day. Excited for Pattinson [sic] but no one can replace the M.K era.’

Rumours of Keaton’s potential involvement in the Flash began to circulate in June. The multiverse nature of the premise holds the potential for multiple Batmen to appear, and Ben Affleck is already confirmed to return as Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego in the Andy Muschietti-directed feature.

Ezra Miller will play the title role and Watchmen’s Billy Crudup is rumoured to be joining as Harry Allen, dad to Barry Allen aka The Flash.

We’re crossing our fingers that the Michael ‘Best Batman’: Returns rumours are true, but for now they remain cloaked in mystery.


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