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Movies That Inspired Games

Things done in one industry can inspire other sectors. Check out UK casino bonuses for an example: you’ll see that most of the promotions are for slot games adapted from movies and TV shows. In this context, it is possible to find hundreds of games adapted from movies in the iGaming industry.

Movie adaptations in the iGaming industry have been around since the 90s,” says Tony Sloterman, Product Owner of Casino Bonuses Finder company. “You can find a slot version of almost every popular TV show and movie.” But iGaming isn’t the only industry inspired by movies: video games have been using them for years, too. Below you can find a list of movies that have most influenced video games.

The Warriors (1979)

We know Walter Hill as the producer of the Alien series, but there are also some films he directed. “The Warriors” in 1979 was one of them, based on a novel by Sol Yurick. The movie depicts the battles between New York street gangs and featured many interesting characters. The Warriors didn’t do much at the box office, but when it was released on VHS, it achieved “cult” status for many teenagers.

Those teenagers became game developers when they grew up and created hundreds of games inspired by this movie. If you visit an arcade, you can still play them today. Almost all of the side-scrolling beat’em up games that were very popular in the 90s were inspired by The Warriors. Among them, Double Dragon and Final Fight come first. Both were the most popular arcade games for a long time, and dozens of clones were developed using exactly the same formula. We owe almost all of the 2D side-scrolling action games that were very popular for a period to The Warriors.

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

We don’t need to introduce Indiana Jones to you: you must know who he is and what he does, as well as everyone else in the world. Filmed in 1981, the movie not only redefined the adventure genre but has also been adapted into many video games. Lucasfilm itself has released a series of 2D adventure games starring Indiana Jones, and some of them have even better stories than the movies. Most players still think that the story in “Fate of Atlantis” is better than all the movies.

However, Indiana Jones led to the emergence of the third-person action-adventure game genre too. Using this formula, Tomb Raider simply replaced the lead protagonist with Lara Croft and created one of the most famous game franchises in video game history. Nathan Drake is another character inspired by Indiana Jones: The “Uncharted” series features some of the best-selling games on PlayStation, and there’s even been a movie starring Tom Holland.

Aliens (1986)

This movie from James Cameron allowed us to see what happens when heavy-armed Marines and a group of Aliens get together. The first movie in the series had almost no action, was shot as a slow-burning thriller, and Cameron changed that formula almost entirely. We can say that he made a good decision, at least in terms of video games, because Aliens has inspired dozens of titles.

Among them, Contra, Gears of War, and Halo series come first. In all these games, you can see that the formula of the movie Aliens is used. The movie also has its own adaptations: Alien Isolation and Aliens: Fireteam Elite are among the most successful examples.

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