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Netflix’s Single All The Way captures actors’ real shock at Jennifer Coolidge walking in and who can blame them?

Philemon Chambers stars alongside Jennifer Coolidge in the new Netflix film (Picture: Netflix)

Single All The Way star Philemon Chambers has revealed that the Netflix flick features a very real moment, as the cast were left stunned at the appearance of queen Jennifer Coolidge.

Who wouldn’t be?!

The new Netflix holiday movie follows Peter (Michael Urie) who convinces his best friend Nick (Philemon) to join him for the holidays and pretend that they’re now in a relationship. However, things quickly start to get complicated.

Philemon has admitted he was in ‘awe’ of his co-stars during filming.

And despite being a total pro, there was one moment when he couldn’t hide his emotions that actually made it into the film.

‘One scene sticks out for me because I hadn’t seen Jennifer literally until she came out into the dining room,’ Philemon told

‘That was my first time seeing Jennifer Coolidge. And the reactions that you get are genuine. Those are genuine reactions from everyone in that room because they kept Jennifer separate from us to keep the element of surprise.’

It’s Netflix’s first gay Christmas film (Picture: Philippe Bosse/Netflix)

And surprised they were!

Also describing the Legally Blonde star as ‘selfless,’ Philemon added: ‘I can’t put into words how grateful, how fortunate, how lucky I am to work alongside Michael Urie, Jennifer Robertson, Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Najimy, Barry Bostwick. I have looked up to these people for such a long time.’

Single All The Way is already groundbreaking as the streaming giant’s first holiday film focused on an LGBT story.

For Philemon, the focus on joy is what makes it so important.

‘This film is garnering so much love and so much support. I cannot tell you how many DMs I have gotten that are just like, “Thank you so much for this positive representation. Thank you so much for letting me be seen.” I’m still taken aback, I’m still trying to respond to everyone as best I can.

‘It is such an honour to be part of this.’

He added of the story: ‘It’s not necessarily all about them being gay. There’s no homophobia, there’s no negativity.’

Philemon went on: ‘It is an homage to Netflix for allowing this story to be told, of people being people who just so happen to be gay.

‘The family just wants him to be in a relationship. They don’t care if it’s with this guy, or this guy, they just want him in a relationship. There’s a lot of meddling going on! But I just want people to get that this is possible.

‘This is happening, this should be our new norm. It’s a blessing to be on this side of things.

‘I got a message yesterday from a gentleman and in his country, it’s illegal to be gay. He said he watched the film and, for the first time, he felt like he was seen.

‘He said, “For the first time I actually have hope for myself.” And to get that message, I knew what we were putting out and what we’d been saying all along rang true.’

Single All The Way is on Netflix now.


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