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People Just Do Nothing: Wild sex robot plot was scrapped from final script

There was a scrapped sex robot plot in People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan, and it sounds pretty interesting.

Kurupt FM’s first adventure on the big screen has hit cinemas today, and is typically hilarious.

Big In Japan sees the gang head to Tokyo after their song hits the big time overseas, but it is anything but smooth as they cause chaos on the other side of the world.

However, amid improvised fights and things going south in Tokyo, it turns out there is even more that didn’t make it into the final cut.

Chatting to ahead of the release, Asim Chaudhry and Steve Stamp – who play Chabuddy G and Steves respectively – spilled the beans on a bizarre unaired storyline.

Telling us all about their time in Japan, Steve began: ‘I had quite a strange experience of going out there for research, because we had a storyline in the very early drafts of Chabuddy being into sex robots, and by the end he’s started his own sex robot business.

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Asim spilled the beans on his scrapped sex robot plot (Picture: YouTube)

‘There was this idea that in Japan there’s loads of sex robots. So I went out there to investigate whether there was and I went to all the sex shops out there, and looked for sex robots.

‘So that was quite weird, and I found that there wasn’t really any sex robots.’

Laughing at the ‘research’ his co-star put into the plot, Asim interjected: ‘Couldn’t find them for love nor money!’

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Of course the Kurupt FM gang caused chaos in Tokyo (Picture: Universal)

‘They were definitely a bit more underground,’ Steve continued. ‘So we actually didn’t go with that storyline in the end.’

In fact, they already had a scene plotted out for the storyline, involving Chabuddy being caught in a very awkward moment with a mechanical woman and her hand, that was ‘going at a very rapid pace’, in a ‘certain position’.

We absolutely didn’t need that visual.

‘We did have a very funny scene if we did go for that storyline, but I’m happy we didn’t go with that storyline though, because my mum would have been mortified,’ Asim joked.

‘He couldn’t turn off, even when someone came into the room.’

Steve recalled: ‘It was on the bed and then it flopped onto the floor, still going. Anyway, we didn’t use it anyway, because I went to the sex shops and couldn’t find any sex robots.

‘But that’s the weirdest thing I did.’

Remind us not to go on holiday with the Kurupt FM crew next time…

People Just Do Nothing: Big In Japan is in cinemas now.


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