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Scream 5 trailer: Clues and predictions about the new Ghostface killer as Sidney returns to Woodsboro

The Scream 5 trailer has finally been unleashed giving the franchise’s longtime fans a taster of what’s to come when Ghostface returns to terrorise Woodsboro once again. 

Neve Campbell is reprising her role as one of horror’s favourite final girls, Sidney Prescott, while Courteney Cox and David Arquette are back as Gail Weathers and Dewey Riley to complete the original trio.

In two minutes, the trailer provides glimpses of the new cast while somehow managing to keep spoilers under wraps… or has it?

There’s just enough content to make predictions about who the new Ghostface killer could be and what to expect from the next sequel.

Here our some of’s early predictions and general things we learnt from the Scream 5 trailer…

The gang return to Woodsboro

In one scene, Sidney is seen opening a door and stepping inside a grand house that looks identical to the one where the original Scream ended. You’ll recall it was an absolute bloodbath inside Stu Macher’s (Matthew Lillard) house as he was revealed to be one of the two killers, alongside Sidney’s boyfriend Billy Loomis (Skeet Ulrich).

My Celebrity Life –
Sidney and Gail join forces to take on Ghostface yet again (Picture: Spyglass)
My Celebrity Life –
Sidney returns to the OG house of the first Scream bloodbath (Picture: Spyglass)

With Sidney and co possibly returning to the OG murder house, it looks as though Scream 5 could be coming full circle and likely why it’s technically not actually titled Scream 5, but ‘Scream’ like the first movie.

Ghostface is linked to the original survivors

The tagline in the Scream 5 poster reads: ‘It’s always someone you know,’ which has been the case in all Scream instalments – it’s usually someone right under Sidney’s nose.

In the trailer, we see Sidney returning to the house where it all began and it’s possible that the property is now housing the cast’s new generation.

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Could Ghostface be linked to the original murders? (Picture: Spyglass)

Could Ghostface be replicating the murders of the original Scream?

One fan theorised: ‘Alright, someone’s killing people related to the originals. The house at the end of the first scream is back. It’s definitely someone’s parent whose kid was killed in the original and they’re getting revenge. Stu’s mom or dad.’

Dewey and Gail not together anymore? 

In Scream 4, Dewey and Gail were very much a married couple (despite Courteney and David’s divorce in real life around the time they filmed that sequel).

They don’t share any screen time in the Scream 5 trailer and, honestly, it looks like Dewey’s been living a little rough with his cramped apartment a tad messy and his general haunted-by-Ghostface look.

My Celebrity Life –
We’ve missed Gail’s sass (Picture: Spyglass)
My Celebrity Life –
Dewey seems very haunted by a lifetime of Ghostface’s terror (Picture: Spyglass)

Sidney is still a badass final girl

Always ready for action, she reminds Dewey: ‘I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun.’

My Celebrity Life –
‘I’m Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun’ (Picture: Spyglass)

Scream 5 will reboot the franchise? 

Could this be the last time Sidney, Dewey and Gail will star in a Scream movie?

Sidney is seen meeting the new, younger version of herself, a student whose friends are being picked off by Ghostface.

‘I know who you are,’ Samantha Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) says as Sidney approaches her, to which the OG replies: ‘I’ve been through this. A lot.’

Could Sidney be handing the final girl baton to the newbie?

Scream 5 arrives in cinemas on January 14, 2022.


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