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Shark Encounters Of The Third Kind may be the best worst movie of 2020

Our new favourite worst movie may have emerged with Shark Encounters Of The Third Kind getting all sorts of anti-praise this week.

Just when we thought Arachnado took the cake for the most horrendous-looking release since Sharknado, now we’ve got Jaws meets aliens, apparently.

Isn’t that the heady mixture our faltering cinema-scene is missing?

Dubbed a ‘sci-fi horror’, the plot of this one centres around a group of hostile aliens that crash land at the bottom of the ocean, and, via mind control, of course, use sharks to terrorise a small town full of secrets in the hopes of completing their invasion.

Clearly inspired by two Steven Spielberg classics, Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind clearly inspire this title.

According to IMDB this probably-destined-to-be-cult-classic was made on a shoestring budget of $30,000 (£22.7k), which is chump change in the grand scheme of Hollywood, with Jurassic Prey’s Mark Polonia at the helm.


Is going on?

If you needed a shining example of Polonia’s other works, we’ve got Splatter Farm, Amityville Exorcism, Splatter Beach and Land Shark, to name a few.

Know what you’re in for now?

The trailer landed on YouTube a while ago – the film is actually out now, being released on DVD recently, should you want to partake in the whole delight – and is, er, intriguing to say the least.

While the poster has giant sharks attacking aircraft in space, the reality is more down-to-Earth, with the trailer showing us what happens when you mix the sea and space in a sleepy US coastal town.

‘Sharks have been bad this time of year,’ one of the character says. Yeah, no doubt.

Said character then inspects what we assume to be a victim before discovering the marks don’t appear to be from a shark’s bite but instead they appeared to be burns.

This is how the aliens control the sharks, apparently

Cue a whole heap of dodgy CGI lightening bolts into the sea, which is where, we suppose, the aliens have started to infiltrate and control their sea of shark minions to wreak sharky havoc. We even catch a glimpse of these aliens which are definitely not people just wearing grey skull-caps.

Fans observing the trailer this week reacted to the vibe of the whole thing, with one writing: ‘Ok…so obviously at this point they just take ‘Shark’ and then throw a dart at a bunch of phrases and BAM thats the movie they make.’

One, who had seemingly read our story on Arachnado, shared they were pretty fed up with these low-budget horrors.

‘These low budget movies were charming at first but the lustre has worn off. Call them what they are, trash movies,’ they wrote. ‘This just looks so cheap and not even entertaining for what it is, hell any kid with a PC could priolly do this movie but better, geez.’

And another simply suggested the budget for the CGI was ‘a sandwich’.

The film is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video for the low, low, frankly offensive price of $4.99 (£3.79).

2020 couldn’t get much worse, we suppose.

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