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The Holiday child star reveals which couple from classic Christmas movie are destined for break-up

The Holiday is one of the best-loved Christmas classics out there, with Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law’s characters all finding love in the heartwarming film.

However, there’s no denying the romances were a bit of a whirlwind, with fans being unsure about whether the relationships would last.

Miffy Englefield played Sophie, Jude’s on-screen daughter, and has given her take, reflecting on her experiences on set and her thoughts on the film 14 years on.

‘I personally would say that Jack and Kate[‘s characters] would stay together, because I just think that they were lovely, but I don’t think the Graham [Jude] and Amanda [Cameron] relationship would have lasted,’ she admitted.

‘I just think it was all a little quick and almost a little bit glamorised! She’s a very busy working lady, she’s got this whole massive empire in America and Graham’s settled down with two kids in England and I think it would have been him that wouldn’t have been able to keep up with her to be honest.’

Miffy, who is now 21 and a new mum, has incredibly fond memories of working on set with the actors, despite not really registering how famous they all were at the time.

Miffy (L) doesn’t think Jude and Cameron’s characters would have gone the distance (Picture: Columbia Pictures)

‘It was the loveliest time ever,’ she recalled, revealing she met Cameron, Jack, Jude and Kate all at once on day one as they filmed the final scene of the movie first and went backwards from there.

‘They were the most patient and lovely people,’ she recalled. ‘The amount of time they had for me and Emma [Pritchard], who I worked alongside, was just insane. From the minute we got on set, they always made time for us […] they’d always stop and say hi.’

‘They were very patient and taught us so much stuff as well,’ she added.

Kate and Jack’s characters’ romance could have been the one to last (Picture: Moviestore/REX)

In fact, when filming wrapped, Cameron and Jude gave Miffy the sweetest gift.

‘Cameron and Jude came over to me and my dad with this little box and opened it up and they’d got me a personalised jacket with my name and “The Holiday 2006” embroidered on the back and I’ve still got it to this day,’ she explained.

‘That always sticks with me, because it was completely off their own backs.’

Miffy, now 21, would be up for reprising her role in a sequel (Picture: Instagram/MiffyEnglefield)

It wasn’t just the actors Miffy had a close bond with, revealing she and director Nancy Meyers kept in contact for about seven years after the movie, exchanging emails.

Although Miffy has since taken a step back from acting, if the filmmaker approached her with a sequel, she would be there ‘in a heartbeat’.

‘I think it’d be really, really interesting to see where everyone is now,’ she reflected.

And, as for Sophie?

‘I like to think that Sophie’s rebelled a little bit now!’ she laughed.

‘I like to think that maybe she’s a little bit more like me in real life, probably got some dodgy tattoos here and there, listens to bands that no one approves of, is a little bit rebellious. I think that would be fun.’


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