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The Simpsons fans joke show made another ‘prediction’ as ‘tier five’ trends

Fans of The Simpsons have drawn a rather long bow and joked the Fox show made another prediction when it comes to the tiers we’re currently facing.

Oh yes, another day, another Simpsons prediction to add to the already vast collection of scenarios previously depicted first on the animation.

In this case, we’re asking you to cast your mind back to The Simpsons Movie, released in 2007, which saw Springfield encased in a giant, glass dome after Homer exposes the area to horrendously toxic levels of pollution.

Rather fittingly, the film was played on TV last week not long after Prime Minister Boris Johnson placed more areas into higher tiers around the country,.

And the irony was not lost on punters tuning in, for, while some may say this is a theory too far, others may feel like they’re living under a dome right now.

At the moment around 24 million people in England – or 43% of the population – are living under tier four, which includes an order to stay at home except for essential journeys.

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The ‘predictions’ keep on coming (Picture: Moviestore/REX)

It’s no dome, but that didn’t stop many from suggesting it was Mr Johnson’s next move, as ‘tier five’ began trending on social media.

One mused of a potential higher tier announcement: ‘Tier 5 ? how many how they got? Tier 10 is a glass dome dropped surrounding an infected city. (Yes I stole this from the Simpsons).’

Another felt it wasn’t all that bad: ‘You know that dome in the simpsons movie doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now.’

We’ll think positive thoughts it doesn’t come to that…






Not everyone was as open to joking about the idea, as one fed-up follower wrote: ‘Please stop adding tiers I’m sick of the Simpson’s dome tweet and you just stoking the flames.’

It was only recently fans were quite honestly terrified of the prospect of the show’s ‘prediction’ of what might happen in 2021 should people have voted for the wrong nominee in the recent US election.

The 31st Treehouse Of Horror episode saw Homer shirk his right to vote, and then cut to Inauguration Day as Homer sat on his roof in full body armour made from kitchen utensils as Springfield was thrown into an apocalypse.

Here’s hoping both the dome – and the apocalypse – is something show creator Matt Groening and co didn’t get right this time.


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