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Top 10 Las Vegas Movies

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If you haven’t been to Las Vegas yet, don’t worry. Such an unusual city has been the object of attention not only of professional gamblers of the 300% deposit bonus UK casino but also directors and screenwriters. No wonder lots of movies have been created about Las Vegas, looking at which you can mentally project the atmosphere of this sinful city. Let’s have a look at the best Las Vegas films.

1.     The Hangover, 2009

The main characters of the cult comedy film have always dreamed of a swanky singles party in Las Vegas. After it happened, they have to spend a lot of time and effort to remember exactly what happened. What the guys did at the party was nothing compared to what they would have to do when they were sober as they replayed the events of last night step by step, each time a new lead.

2.     Bridesmaids, 2011

The main character of the film, Annie, has a complete mess in her life. For this reason, she is not at all up to fun. However, the young lady will have to forget about her problems soon. The thing is that she will have to visit a bachelorette party with her true friend. The girls will come off in a way that the boys never dreamed of.

3.     Leaving Las Vegas, 1995

At first, the life of the protagonist seems like a nightmare. His protracted binge destroyed a career in a serious firm. He is desperately trying to forget everything that once had to do with a past life. He’s going to start over with a clean slate in Las Vegas. Amid the splendor of nightlife, a lonely “moth” can be more attentive and cordial than any psychoanalyst.

4.     Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998

The two main characters are friends. They go to Las Vegas. One of them is called Raul Duke, he is a sportswriter and goes to Vegas to cover the famous Mint 400. The second is Dr. Gonzo. He is a lawyer. Something unimaginable is going on around them. The main characters are at times uncomfortable in this chaos.

5.     What Happens in Vegas, 2008 

After carousing in Sin City, two total strangers found themselves in the same bed. They try to remember the last evening’s events. They understood that they had got married to a great jackpot. Now, they have a fresh head, the newlyweds are developing a plan on how to get rid of their “second half” and get the whole jackpot. As you know, in a place where money is involved, there is no place for love. Anything can happen in Vegas though.

6.     Casino, 1995

Perhaps no one can compare with Sam Rothstein. No one knows how to make money like him. No one knows how to work as selflessly and accurately as hard worker Sam. For his undeniable merits, Rothstein received the nickname “Ace”. That is why the mafia had to send Ace to run a huge luxury casino in Las Vegas. So that no one interfered with Sam’s work, the Mafiosi sent Rothstin’s childhood friend, Nikki Santoro, an inveterate bandit and a ruthless thug, after Ace.

As you can see the main characters are most often people who are gambling, who like to play in land-based casinos, as well as online, for example in Not always the result of their games is satisfactory. Sometimes, having lost a huge amount, they are forced to go into hiding. Other characters go on a journey, motivated by the thirst for profit and enrichment.

7.     Bugsy, 1991

This is the famous crime saga of the American film classic Barry Levinson, nominated for an Oscar in 10 nominations and received two gold statuettes. The stunning music by Ennio Morricone emphasizes the drama and tension of the plot. The main character is Bugsy, the glorious gangster. He is the true legend of the American mafia. He was very different from other criminals. First, he was not interested in large sums of money. Secondly, he did not want to seize full power at all. Bugsy sincerely gave his eye teeth for creating an unprecedented city of the future.

He decided to do this in the center of Nevada. It was here that he embodied his ideal in the middle of a lifeless desert. This place became known to the whole world as Las Vegas. Nevertheless, making gambling freedom, Bugsy risked more than ever. After all, in the diabolical game with reality, his life was at stake.

8.      Viva Las Vegas, 1964

The main character of the film is Lucky Jackson. He travels to Las Vegas to make plenty of money to fix his car and finally become the winner of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Arriving in the city of entertainment almost in tow, he gets a job as a waiter. Soon his thoughts are completely captured by the local beauty. Perhaps the music will help win her heart.

9.     Army of the Dead, 2020

In the Nevada desert, the military was transporting a secret cargo. Subsequently, this cargo fell into the street and thus the alpha-zombi broke free. He had excellent physical training. For this reason, he quickly turned everyone he met into his kind. Las Vegas was completely dominated by the walking dead. After a while, this epidemic was stopped.

10. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, 2013

The film tells the story of two rival magicians in Las Vegas. Bert Wonderstone loses his partner one day during a performance. The rest of the time he tries to regain motivation and return to his favorite pastime.

Bottom Line

The number of cool films about Las Vegas just rolls over. To experience all the delights of the city, you can revel in your lovely Las Vegas slots, as well as watch movies from the list above.


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