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Top 5 Movies That Were Filmed in Real Casinos

Casino movies are popular because they combine glitz and risk. For some people in countries where gambling is prohibited, these films provide an exclusive glimpse into a lavish lifestyle. Real gambling was a big part of all these movies. Any casino could make it to the big screen if it had fantastic lighting, a lot of money, and attractive women. Ideal casino movies have a Hollywood enchantment that makes you want to go out and visit them on your own. Let’s look at some of the most famous movies filmed in real-life casinos.


Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Thirteen

There isn’t a single cinephile who hasn’t heard of this film starring George Clooney as Danny Ocean, alongside other stars such as Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Julia Roberts, and others in world-class performances. The cult classic heist films both feature the Bellagio as the real-life casino, one of the most popular Las Vegas casinos featured in a movie. The movie shows all the glitz and glamour of the casino while not being exclusively about gambling.

The Hangover

The film stars Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis, who, on the night of a friend’s Bachelor party, under the influence of substances, does everything crazy under the sun under the guise of an adventure night. They eventually get into problems that they begin to solve the next day after regaining consciousness. The movie was shot in Caesars Palace, the most used casino on this list.



Kevin Spacey is a math professor who recruits the most gifted students in his class to count cards at the Vegas blackjack tables to win big. The film depicts the world-class caliber of games available at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas and other progressive jackpots. Apart from being a highly enjoyable film for gambling fans, the film also takes viewers through the fantastic interiors of the casino, demonstrating why worldwide singers such as Jennifer Lopez perform there.


Rain Man

This is a cult-classic buddy movie starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. Two estranged friends go on a road trip together and end up counting cards in Las Vegas’ Caesar’s Palace. Counting cards is made easy with Hoffman’s character having Autism and Savant Syndrome. The movie is really feel-good, and though a bit dated, it’s definitely better than a lot of the other movies of its time.



Robert De Niro must manage a casino from the shadows in this Scorsese classic based on a true story. The film was shot in The Riviera and The Landmark hotel and casino. The casinos in Casino were not as fashionable as they are now, considering the competition from new online casinos which offer great welcome bonuses, and wide game catalogs that have not been released at brick & mortar casinos, but they have improved and are worth checking out if you’re a die-hard fan.


Final Words

These were just a few movies that used an actual casino, mainly from the Las Vegas Strip, to give that authentic casino vibe. For some people living in countries where gambling is illegal, these films are their sole means of accessing this glamorous lifestyle. In these films, real casinos play an important role. Any casino can make it to the big screen with the correct lighting, large sums of money, and attractive women.

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