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Top Gun: Maverick star Monica Barbaro ‘convinced’ she’d been recast after table read for sequel

Top Gun: Maverick actress Monica Barbaro feared she’d fumbled the table read so badly that she lost her spot in the sequel, the cast has revealed. 

Hollywood’s favourite aviation crew are blasting back onto screens this month with Tom Cruise reprising his role as the Navy’s most rebellious flyer Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell 36 years after the original was released.

He’ll be joined by a host of new faces, including Glen Powell, Miles Teller, Jay Ellis, Lewis Pullman, Jon Hamm and Greg Tarzan Davis.

The sequel follows Maverick as he’s made to return to the Top Gun aviation fighter school to train up a batch of new graduates before a special mission.

Maverick has received glowing reviews from critics while the new cast has also been praised for how well they adjusted to the iconic franchise.

Speaking to in London earlier this month, Ellis – who stars as Payback – said: ‘We just all clicked, they did such an amazing job of putting this cast together and we all bring something completely different, our backgrounds are different but we all just love storytelling and making movies.

‘We were training with each other everyday learning how to fly, or how to swim for this swim-fit test that we had to pass and that really bonded us.’

His co-star Danny Ramirez, who plays Fanboy, chimed in: ‘Wasn’t the table read after we had that six-hour van ride, right?’

Sharing an insight into their bonding experience off-screen, he then revealed: ‘One of the first things I ever did [for the film] was I landed, had like a day’s sleep back in LA, then the next day was waking up really early and doing a six-hour van ride with everybody.

‘Moments like that you started seeing people open up, I remember you [Ellis] and Glen [Powell] were talking for two hours one time, and then I saw Monica [Barbaro] chime in, then everyone would start chiming in and by the ride back, everybody would start opening up.’

However, Danny and Monica Barbaro, who plays Phoenix, feared they had messed up the table read and lost the role of a lifetime.

Monica stars as Phoenix in the Top Gun sequel (Picture: Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films.)
Tom Cruise’s return as Maverick has won glowing reviews from critics (Picture: Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films)

‘I remember thinking the whole ride everybody was going to get to keep their job and I’d be recast, and Monica was like, “Oh my God, I thought the same thing too”,’ he recalled.

‘She thought on the way back she’d get a call and they’d be like, nope, not her.

Jay also said: ‘She was convinced!’

Danny went on: ‘Across the board, I think all these moments of opening up and we saw each other in vulnerable moments and the film paralleled with our lives to the extent of having a mentor pushing us to the limits every time, but it was also seeing each other through four seasons, so we got to see each other grow in their real life as well and what they’re going through.’

He revealed how the ‘stakes of real life’ were high when they flew on an F-18 jet as, despite the strict safety measures on-set, it was also ‘very extreme and intense’.

‘Every single time you put your feet on the ground, you’re thankful for your experience up there but you’re also like, “Oh s**t”,’ he said.

Jay, Danny and Tarzan also praised the Top Gun sequel for its diversity with an array of Black and Latino stars taking centre stage.

Top Gun: Maverick is exclusively in cinemas May 25 in 4DX and IMAX.

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