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6 Indie Artists to Keep an Eye on This Year

Indie artists are easier to find than ever before, especially since the rise of streaming platforms. Although this is great for artists, it can make it difficult to cut through the noise and find new artists to listen to. In today’s music industry, even defining what counts as an “indie” artist is a tough task. For the purposes of this article, we’re talking about artists that are only one or two albums deep, and who haven’t hit the mainstream yet. All of the artists we discuss below made waves in 2021 and are expected to break into the limelight in 2022.

Wet Leg

Hailing from the Isle of White, this British duo has only dropped a series of singles, with their highly anticipated album expected to drop on the 8th of April. Despite not having an enormous catalog of music, this fantastic indie band is already being featured by the likes of NME. Their music is guitar-driven, seriously upbeat, and full of quirky lyrics. For example, their song Chaise Longue says, “Is your muffin buttered, would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin”. This is a clear reference to the Mean Girls movie, but it makes for a great line in the song. Being based in the UK, the chances are Wet Leg spend time at a London recording studio perfecting their craft and making new music.

Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza is already onto her second album, titled Any Shape You Take, which is responsible for launching her onto the track to success. Her debut album I Love My Mom, released in 2018 helped her find a niche following to dub her an “indie darling”. Thanks to a collaboration with producer Brad Cook, this indie artist was able to release one hell of a follow-up. At the time of writing, Indigo De Souza has an enormous touring cycle planned across America, Canada, England, and Europe, which will see her supported by the likes of My Morning Jacket.

Charlie Hickey

Indie rock fans will love Charlie Hickey, whose debut album is due to release on May 20th. Many people describe him as the male equivalent of Phoebe Bridgers, who is an incredible influence in the scene with her own record label – Saddest Factory – under which Charlie Hickey released his EP Count The Stairs. His sound holds a sweet melody with soft acoustic guitar; his voice is fairly angelic. Interestingly, Charlie Hickey is friends with Samia, so it will be interesting to see if they collaborate in the future.


Samia has been working behind the scenes since she was 17 (now 25) and has managed to build up a powerful fanbase to take her into the spotlight. Her lyrics are charming, her dance moves are fun, and her music is full of sentiment. She released her debut album during the pandemic and followed it up with a remix, which came out around the same time she set out on her first headliner tour. Based on her 2022 success, she is set to take the scene by storm during 2022; we definitely suggest having a listen.

Hope Tala

Hope Tala is busy breaking genres and creating poet-esque lyrics perfectly complemented by her soft voice. On the back of her vocal talents in melodic singing and rapping, she landed herself a deal with the EMI/Globe Town branches of Republic Music. As well as working on her own singles, she collaborated with Aminé, who is known for dropping killer tracks including his debut Caroline. This young artist hasn’t released an LP yet, but that won’t stop her from making ripples through 2022.


NOISY, comprised of vocalist Cody, producer/guitarist Spencer, and guitarist Connor has been on the scene since 2019 but is yet to drop a full-length feature. The trio built a solid friendship at the skatepark and have dabbled in music before, but NOISY is the real deal, according to Cody. Their sound is a blend of hip hop, drum ‘n bass, and an extremely happy mash of other genres thrown into the mix. Whether they fit the stereotypical indie genre is up for debate, but we can guarantee they’ll be making noise, pun intended, through 2022.

Streaming services and social media platforms give artists the leverage they need to reach their fans, without even being signed to an enormous record. This is great for artists but makes it difficult to know what to listen to. Each of the artists mentioned above is at different stages in their career, all sound different, but are all set for greatness throughout 2022. If you like what you hear, make sure you buy music to support their growth.

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