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Aprilann – 8th of November – Out Now!


“8th of November”

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Today, Aprilann releases her new pop-rock ballad “8th of November” today. LISTEN HERE. The honest lyrics pull at the heartstrings, as Aprilann’s smooth vocals guide you through what happened last year on the 8th of Nov. This new offering follows up the new artists’ previous ode to noughties nostalgia, “Bad Friends”. Busy in the studio with a brand new song and video coming every two weeks, Aprilann’s ambition is shaping her to join the ranks of pop stardom.

“8th of November is about finally moving on from a previous relationship, but you still feel the friction between that person and think of the memories you had with them. It’s about healing from the heartbreak and getting past the point of tears, but knowing you’ll always remember that day, that sting, and that first heartbreak on the 8th of November.”- Aprilann

Aprilann is a singer, musician and songwriter from Daytona Beach, Florida. Penning songs and jingles from a young age, Aprilann always knew she wanted to pursue a career in songwriting. Flash forward to high school, and April built a home studio in her bedroom with the help of her best friend and started creating music on Garage Band. Having honed her musicianship over the years, Aprilann now cites Taylor Swift, Lily Allen and Avril Lavigne as influences on her current work, artists who appeal to her own sense of introspective, clever songwriting. Aprilann further fuels her creativity through an athletic lifestyle, with basketball, ping-pong, ice skating, tennis and water sports all on the schedule between songwriting sessions. Aprilann is the embodiment of an artist doing things the modern way, and is prepared to put in the hard work to step into the spotlight.


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