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Authors and superstars share top position in new list

A new list highlights the ongoing wealth accumulation by celebrities, years after their death

We all know that the kings and queens of pop bring in large amounts of money to their estates long after they have passed. How much would they earn today, and what would your salary look alongside their incomes? A new blog post by PartyCasino reveals the highest earning celebrities during the last decade, through insightful statistics looking at earnings per second, day and month.

The blog reveals that Michael Jackson, who’ve held number one position for a long time, was thrown down the throne, from a rather surprising contender: Roald Dahl, superstar writer, is now the new king.

Some of the names you might not expect on this type of list are:

  • Roald Dahl
  • Dr. Seuss
  • Gerry Goffin

While musicians take the lion’s share of the top spots, authors evidently have a strong hold among the top earners too. Thanks to lucrative partnerships and deals their wealth keeps accruing without new material being published, building empires through new development of original ideas. Charlie Schulz, founder of beloved cartoon Snoopy and number four on the list, continues to cash in through his Peanut’s franchise, and despite the licensing deal with insurance giant, MetLife, expiring in 2019 the cash continues to roll in through his imaginative characters. Dr. Seuss, another celebrated children’s author and number five on the list, is managing to keep his top spot thanks to licensing deals with Hallmark and Universal Studios among others.

Musicians selling their entire music catalogue is a fairly new trend and an added factor to why the musical profession has turned into a multibillion-dollar machine that investors worldwide can’t wait to get their hands on. Owning the publishing rights means a steady cashflow even during tumultuous times and the list shows that money doesn’t slow after a superstar pass away, in some cases it may even increase thanks to lucrative deals. In light of the mind boggling money being spent for ownership to the most legendary music on the planet, this list gives you a hint as to why publishing houses are enticed to pay out hefty sums in return for the rights in perpetuity.

In addition to ranking the highest earning stars, PartyCasino has also created a calculator where you can compare your earnings with mentioned celebrities. Type in your monthly wage and see how many minutes, or perhaps seconds, it will take them to make the same money – all from beyond the grave.

Find out more and compare your salary here:

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