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DJ Bakermat Reflects On Working With ‘Amazing’ Emily Lind On ‘Spotless Mind’: She ‘Pulls You In’

This is no mere ‘gossip’ – DJ and producer Bakermat DID team up with Emily Lind for a song on his new album, ‘The Ringmaster,’ and he shares with HL what it was like to create with the ‘Gossip Girl’ star.

The circus came to town on Oct. 9, and with every three rings Big Top extravaganza, there needs to be a ringmaster. Enter Bakermat. The Dutch producer and DJ released The Ringmaster, a full-length LP that, like a circus, provides something for everyone. The album, designed to showcase his “diversity as a producer,” Bakermat said in a statement, covers a wide range of styles and sounds. It also featured a litany of guest stars – from hip-hop/R&B singer Albert Gold to singer-songwriter Alex Clare to synth/indie pop star 7Chariot.

One song will be a favorite of Gossip Girl fans. On “Spotless Mind,” Bakermat worked alongside Emily Lind and alternative/indie group BRÅVES. “I got this sent by my publisher, I think,” Bakermat (born Lodewijk Fluttert) shares with HollywoodLife when asked how this collaboration started. “She had this song lying around and was looking for someone that wanted to create a production around it. I was immediately enthusiastic right when I heard it for the first time. I kept production quite minimal and focused primarily on giving the writing and her voice as much attention as possible. I think the result is nice and balanced.”

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Introducing your ringmaster, Bakermat…

Bakermat found that he was able to connect with Emily because of her style of songwriting. Basically, it’s because she’s not basic when it comes to her music. “I just really love original songwriting,” the DJ tells HollywoodLife. “You can say ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you,’ but that doesn’t do it for me. I love how Emily takes the listener on a trip inside a love story. Her choice of words is just amazing too. With something simple like ‘I found your toothbrush yesterday,’ she immediately makes things personal and emotional and just pulls you in. Also writing in the ‘we’ form is so cool, it’s like you’re listening to a personal letter between former lovers.”

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Emily Alyn Lind partnered with Bakermat (AP)

“I personally just really think the bassline and drums, both inspired by rock music, give the track a new dimension,” says the DJ about “Spotless Mind” and how he put his own spin on it. “It’s a bit darker, maybe? The original has a pretty cute guitar, my version has a bit more attitude. So I think the general feeling of the song went from pretty sweet to a bit more ballsy. Also, I kept production very minimal and a bit experimental, making really hard cuts between the piano and bass/beat parts. “


For those unfamiliar with Bakermat’s worker, The Ringmaster would be a good place to jump in. “My mission as an artist is to blend as many genres as possible,” he shares. “I don’t like drawing only inside the lines, and I think the sole purpose of being an artist is that you dare to challenge things that are seen as the standard. I love all kinds of music, and I think combining beautiful elements from one genre with another can really result in magic. Isn’t it really cool to create something that nobody has ever heard before? That’s possible if you don’t stick to the rules of one genre!”



Bakermat’s The Ringmaster, via Ultra Music/Sony Music, is out now.

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