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From Mental Health to Cyberbullying, 10 Times Becky G Has Raised Awareness on Social Issues

Becky G is celebrating her 24th birthday on Tuesday (March 2), and as she racks up chart-topping hits, Billboard is highlighting some of the many times she has used her platform to raise awareness of social issues.

Oftentimes, the 24-year-old Mexican-American singer has been vocal about important topics on her social media, serving as a true inspiration to her beloved Beasters, colleagues and followers.

From cyberbullying to mental health, see 10 times Becky G has used her platform for a good cause.

On Autism: On World Autism Awareness Day in 2019, Becky G teamed up with Pop Sockets to donate 50 percent of each sale to Autism Speaks. “This is an organization that I hold very close to my heart because of my little brother Alex and his story,” she expressed on Instagram.

On Cyberbullying: Becky G has been bullied about her forehead, to which the “Dollar” singer simply responded on social media: “Four or five, I don’t know. It’s all about the angles.” She also shared a selfie with the phrase “cyberbullying is shit” written on it.

On Heart Disease: The first time Becky G strutted the runway at New York Fashion Week was in support of “Go Red for Women,” the American Heart Association’s movement to end heart disease and strokes in women. “Heart disease is something that has personally affected my family,” she noted on social media, stating she felt honored to support women’s No. 1 health threat, cardiovascular diseases (claiming the lives of 1 in 3 women).

On Mental Health: In the midst of her busy schedule, Becky got real about her hectic life on the road and how it’s affecting her mental health. “This year I became extremely aware of how much traveling f—s my body,” she expressed in a previous post shared to her Instagram Story. “The results from it all have been low blood circulation, muscle cramps, dehydration, anxiety, and uncomfortable inflammation in certain areas of my body. I found my mental headspace becoming harder and harder to control with a schedule that is inconsistent with a healthy sleep schedule and time to decompress.” She then asked fans to share their best tips with her.

On Voting: Becky G goes all out during elections and makes sure her fans jump onboard. During the 2020 Billboard Latin Music Week, she was part of our “Artist & the Vote” panel alongside Los Tigres del Norte. “It’s an honor to be here talking about the importance of voting and it’s a responsibility to educate myself about the election process,” she said during the panel. “Whenever I vote, I remember of those who can’t vote and that motivates me to actually go vote.” Watch the panel here.

On Poverty and Gender Equality: Last year, Becky formed part of Nat Geo’s docuseries Activate: The Global Citizen Movement to talk about being homeless and the importance of gender equality to ending extreme poverty. For her episode, the singer traveled to Mexico to mobilize people to support women-owned businesses and break the cycle of poverty.

On being a Mexican-American woman: “Selena, Jennifer Lopez, and Jenni Rivera taught me that just because I was born here [in the United States] and speak English but sing in Spanish doesn’t mean I’m not ‘Latina Enough.’ They taught that just because I found my ‘sexy’ does not mean I should be ashamed of my body and sexuality. They taught me that freedom of creative expression as a woman in the Latin industry through fashion, songs and being our true authentic self is more important than the criticism we have faced for being brave,” Becky said at a Latin Recording Academy event in 2019.

On Women Supporting Women: During her birthday weekend this year, Becky G was spotted at a nightclub with Karol G, Natti Natasha, Anuel AA and Bad Bunny. Becky has always been real when it comes to supporting women in the music industry. In a photo that shows all three Latinas posing together, she expressed how unity is the most powerful thing in the world. On Instagram, she elaborated on the girl power. “I can’t emphasize enough how beautiful it is to share moments, opportunities, and success. Others winning doesn’t mean you’re losing when you’re all running a different race.”

On Black Lives Matter: Becky G was among those artists who added her name to the long list of allies in the Black Lives Matter movement. In an interview with Billboard, she expanded on the importance of speaking out against racism and colorism, and having offline conversations with family and friends on confronting anti-Black racism among their close circle. “It comes from a place in my heart that has always known deep down inside about that responsibility that comes with the platform. It’s a bigger responsibility than to just shut up and sing,” she offered. “Talking about these things shouldn’t be controversial, these are our realities.”

On protecting DREAMers: In June of 2020, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration from ending the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program giving the nearly 700,000 DACA recipients a reprieve from deportation for now and allow them to continue to work in the U.S. legally. Becky G was among the first to applaud the Supreme Court’s decision on social media and later told Billboard, “talk about the little glimpses of light we need during these times to remember why we’re fighting. It was an emotional morning, to say the least. I’m not gonna lie, I definitely cried.”

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