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Mick Fleetwood thinks it’s unlikely that Lindsey Buckingham will rejoin Fleetwood Mac


The band’s de facto leader has said it’s unlikely that Lindsey Buckingham will return. (Picture: Getty Images)

Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood has spoken about playing with former lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, calling the possibility a pipe dream.

Fleetwood, who founded the band in 1967, has acted as the de facto leader of the band since its inception. In a new interview, he talked about the messy breakup with Buckingham in 2018, saying that reunion will be unlikely.

Buckingham was notoriously fired from the group for a disagreement on the direction and scope of a tour, while a spat with band member Stevie Nicks has also been cited as reason for the departure.

The guitarist and singer then sued the band for a breach of oral contract, with the case eventually settled out of court.

Buckingham was later replaced by Mike Campbell and Neil Finn.

In an interview with publishing company The Other Songs, Fleetwood spoke about his current relationship with Buckingham and the possibility of him returning to the band.

He said: ‘I feel sad that I am disconnected from Lindsey and I hope it can change. I think probably sadly it won’t, but I feel that.’

When talking about playing together again specifically, he said: ‘I think so much water has passed under the proverbial bridge. And we have a great band as we are with Neil and Mike.’

Lindsey Buckingham reportedly left the group after a disagreement with Stevie Nicks. (Photo by Rob Ball/WireImage)

There was some hope though, as Fleetwood said: ‘Hopefully at some point we will do something, but who is to say? It would be a fascinating event.’

Buckingham had been a part of the band since 1975. He left in 1987 to get separation from the band but returned in 1997 where he remained with them until 2018.

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