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Singer who says Bee Gees star Maurice Gibb is his biological dad seeks to create his own musical legacy
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Nick Endacott says when he looks back the links between himself and Bee Gee Maurice Gibb are obvious (Picture Nick Endacott/Barry Tome)

A singer-songwriter who says that Bee Gee Maurice Gibb is his long-lost biological father is seeking to create a musical legacy of his own.

Nick Endacott, who was adopted as a baby, traced his lineage to the 70s superstar through an ancestry website after a decade of research.

He says he was ‘overjoyed’ after finding a DNA match with Maurice’s son, Adam, and is now in contact with members of the Gibb family.

The breakthrough came a year ago after Nick set out to find his biological parents, initially tracking down his birth mother, Patti, before she first put him in touch with a man she wrongly identified as his biological father.

After consulting a maternal aunt in Scotland, he then began reassembling the missing pieces with the help of his fiancée, Jackie Andrews.

He was eventually shown to be a 100 per cent DNA match with Adam, who had posted his own markers on a few years before.

The site also showed matches with Peta, the daughter of Maurice’s brother Andy, and Hazel, his second cousin.

‘It’s been a long journey to find out my true identity,’ Nick said.

‘We researched who my biological father was for years until eventually I put my DNA markers on the largest ancestry website in the world.

‘After ten days I found out that I’m related to Adam Gibb and I also had one hundred per cent matches with Peta and Hazel, so it was beyond doubt.

‘I was overjoyed because all the time I felt in my heart that it was true. When it came through it confirmed everything, it was the icing on the cake to have it in black and white.’

My Celebrity Life –
Nick Endacott has dedicated his new song to his fiancée who has helped him research his biological family (Picture Nick Endacott/Barry Tome)

The 52-year-old, from Hove in East Sussex, now recognises many similarities between himself and Maurice while being raised in a loving home by his adoptive parents.

He started singing when he was aged six in a choir before teaching himself drums and guitar a few years later.

In his late teens he began to seek answers about his birth parents, and initially found Patti through a noticeboard on a people search website.

At first, she told him his birth father was another musician called Chris, and while they bonded, a DNA test two years later showed they were not related.

Nick’s search for answers then led to an aunt in Scotland who said Maurice was the father as the result of a casual fling the disco king had pursued with her sister when he was aged 17.

My Celebrity Life –
Nick Endacott and his band The Speak performing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool (Picture Nick Endacott/Barry Tome)

His birth mother had been in London’s social whirl as a studio manager for George Martin, best known as The Beatles’ producer, in the heyday of the swinging sixties.

Patti also worked at The Speakeasy club, which was frequented by the likes of Tom Jones, Villa Black and Lulu.

‘I’ve always had this passionate creativity and I knew it didn’t come from my adoptive parents,’ Nick said.

‘Now I feel I know why I am the way I am and why I act the way I do, whereas before I had been going through life a little bit blind.’

Nick says that he is not interested in Gibb’s estate and, as he is legally adopted, he has no claim anyway.

He also has broad musical tastes and is not besotted with the kings of disco, who also comprised Barry and Robin Gibb. The trio sold in excess of 200million records as they stayed together for more than 40 years.

My Celebrity Life –
Nick Endacott has spoken about his search to find his birth father on This Morning (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

‘A couple of their songs I do like but it’s not about bands or genres, if I like a song I like it,’ Nick said.

‘I’ve always been recording, producing and performing myself and I also love being behind a desk and recording and producing other people.

‘I love to help other people do what I’m doing.’

Nick’s biggest musical nod is not to Maurice, who died in 2003, but to fiancée Jackie.

His new single with The Speak, named after The Speakeasy, is a 60s-tinged dedication to her called Flowers for Jackie.

‘It’s a thankyou to Jackie for being there for me through all of the research, the heart-ache and the rollercoaster ride,’ Nick said.

My Celebrity Life –
Maurice Gibb sold more than 200million records with 70s pop music icons the Bee Gees (Picture: Barry Schultz/Sunshine/REX)

The singer, who is signed to Gotham Records, is in touch with Lesley, Maurice’s oldest sister, and wants to record with her daughter, Deborah, who is also a musician.

‘I wish I’d had the chance to know Maurice so there is a bit of sadness but it will be lovely to get to know my family and talk about music,’ he said.

‘We’re all human, just because someone’s become very famous and had an amazing career they are still people like me and you.

‘I already share a love of music with Maurice’s family and if I can reach out and touch people through my songs then my job is done.’

Nick has two EPs out, one of which he launched at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, and plans to release an album in the spring. He is submitting songs to film and TV projects in LA.

Nick will appear via live-stream next Wednesday on National Entertainment Weekly TV.

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