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Air hostess reveals why you should never accept vouchers if a re-booked flight is delayed
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Get yo’ cash (Picture: Sandra Keenie Kwon/TikTok)

The appeal of Boots and Starbucks vouchers might be tempting, but when your flight is overbooked and a subsequent flight is delayed, you could be getting more.

That’s what one flight attendant has revealed on her TikTok.

Sandra Jeenie Kwon, who worked at Emirates Airlines for two years, revealed a few trade secrets and one that could leave you with some cash.

The former air hostess said that when a flight is overbooked and passengers are asked to fly on another plane, they should ask for cash instead of accepting vouchers.

Sandra explained that for American flyers, if their rebooked domestic flight is delayed between one to two hours, they could be entitled to 200% of the one-way fare — for a maximum cash payout of $675 (£496).

She said this would be in addition to the airline re-booking the flight. And if that flight is delayed for more than four hours, Sandra said you are entitled to 400% — for a maximum cash payout of $1,350 (£994).

For international flights, the cash you’re entitled to is the same, but for different time frames.

If you’re rebooked on a carrier that is between one to four hours late, you are entitled to 200% of your one-way fare — for a maximum cash payout of $675.

If the delay before your re-booked international flight is more than four hours, you are entitled to 400% of your one-way fare — for a maximum cash payout of $1,350. 


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‘If you are flying within, to, or from the United States and you are involuntarily bumped off your flight due to an overbooking, don’t accept the voucher!’ Sandra told her viewers in the viral clip.

She adds: ‘Not only are the airlines required to find you an alternative flight, but depending on the length of the delay, you are entitled to cash’.

The clip has now been watched more than six million times.

Sandra also added that passengers who are annoyed by their subsequent flights should not take it out on flight attendants and airport staff as it is not their fault.

All the details mentioned here are available on the US Department of Transportation, as well as in the terms and conditions of all the US-based airline companies.

Check out the government website for more information.

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