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Dad builds his son a magical castle from scratch – and you can now rent it too

Divorced dad builds his son a life-sized castle with royal bedrooms and lakeside views (Picture: Airbnb)

Want to show someone how much you love them? Build them a castle, as one dad did in New York.

In an extravagant gesture, John Lavender II decided to build his son a fairytale-like castle after getting divorced back in 1978.

Now, some decades later, it’s ready.

In 1982, John bought land using money he had fundraised. Then he designed and built the castle from scratch with the help of friends and experts.

Speaking to Insider, he said: ‘I made the promise and I said I’m going to show my son that if I speak words to him, I’ll follow through no matter what it takes.’

The finished property boasts of a library, music room, lake and mountain views.

Up to eight people can rent the castle (Picture: Airbnb)
Spot breath-taking views (Picture: Airbnb)
The impressive castle was build from scratch (Picture: Airbnb)
See the royal bedrooms (Picture: Airbnb)
Rent the castle now on Airbnb (Picture: Airbnb)

It even has a Great Hall and stained glass door, making it feel all the more regal.

There’s also a ‘royal’ bedroom that comes with an outdoor terrace, plus there’s a private kitchen, dining room, family room and bathroom.

Willing to share the masterpiece with everyone, up to eight people can rent the castle out on Airbnb for £6,223 per night.

Prior to making it available to rent in 2010, John and his son both even got married in the dreamy location to their now-partners.

And having a taste for the finer life is like getting a tattoo it seems – one castle wasn’t enough, as John has gone on to build two more on the same estate. These are also available to rent.

John said: ‘Every guest that stays here will say to me, thank you for opening up your home to us.

‘My response now is just, “Thank you a hundred times more for finding us and staying here.”‘

He lives with his wife in a sectioned-off part of the first castle, while his son has moved out into his own home.


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