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Fed up of getting sand everywhere? This compact sandproof blanket is a must-have for your next beach trip

A game-changer for your beach trip (Picture: Amazon)

When the sun makes a showing and it’s actually – whisper it – feeling like summer, there are few things better than a quick beach trip.

But all too often, the idea of a visit to the seaside is better than the reality.

It’s crowded, your suncream bottle explodes in your bag (ruining your carefully chosen beach read), and despite slathering yourself in SPF50, you still manage to get burned.

Oh, and the worst bit: the sand. So much sand. And it gets everywhere.

That first lick of ice cream, dipping your toes in the sea, breathing in the fresh air – all that makes the bad bits worth the journey… but if we can limit the annoying stuff, we will.

Hence our joy over the existence of the ISOPHO blanket, which is waterproof, folds down to a small bag-friendly size, and – crucially – is sandproof.

That doesn’t mean it eliminates all sand, of course, but it does help to protect you from the anguish of getting sand into unmentionable places.

It’s sandproof and water resistant (Picture: Amazon)

Buy it for £18.99

Basically, as long as you’re sat on the blanket, you’re not going to deal with all the usual irritation of sand sticking to your skin.

And at the end of the day, you can just give the blanket a shake to avoid bringing your usual unwanted load of sand back home with you.

It’s also water resistant, so it’s no big deal if you sit on the blanket still damp from your dip in the ocean.

The blanket is big enough for you and your pals to sit on, and its polyester fabric means it can fold down to a small size (around the size of your phone) without wrinkles.

And there are four pegs, so you can pin the blanket in place on the ground – no more wind mishaps.

It folds up small enough to fit in your bag (Picture: Amazon)

You can buy the ISOPHO picnic blanket for just £18.99 on Amazon, and, according to the thousands of reviews, it’s well worth picking up.

‘This is a good quality, lightweight and large beach mat,’ said one buyer.

‘I’ve only used this on the beach so far, but see no reason why it wouldn’t work just as well on grass.

‘It comes with four pegs to keep it straight, I didn’t think I’d use them but actually find them very useful.

‘I like how the bag is attached to the mat, so it can’t blow away.

‘Easily big enough for two large people. Quick and easy to fold away.

‘I’m currently laid on this on the beach, in the British seaside resort of Bridlington and I’m very happy with it.’


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