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How to Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel

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There is nothing worse than falling ill during the trip of a lifetime. But whether this is a recurring problem for you, or you are just looking to adhere to some preventative measures, there are a number of steps you can take to avoid getting sick when you travel. Continue reading to find out what they are and how you can incorporate them into your annual travel routine. 


Plan ahead

When it comes to travelling, it pays to be prepared. This also includes your body. As well as taking precautions after you have arrived at your destination, you can also plan ahead up to 48 hours in advance. For example, aim for a minimum of eight hours of sleep per night and up your daily fluid intake. Depending on where you intend to travel to, you may also be required to schedule a vaccination for hepatitis B, meningitis, rabies, tuberculosis, yellow fever, or malaria. Your doctor should be able to advise you if this is the case as well as how far in advance you should book an appointment. 


Organise travel insurance

Whilst travel insurance may not necessarily prevent you from getting sick, it can provide peace of mind in the event of a medical accident or emergency abroad. By investing in travel insurance to cover medical conditions from Staysure, you can relax knowing you are taking the necessary precautions to protect the health and wellness of you as well as your loved ones. With the average cost of medical expenses for a foreign traveller in the United States coming in at almost £10,000, you can end up saving a considerable amount of money in the long run. 


Stay hydrated 

Regardless of whether you are on holiday or at home, you must stay hydrated throughout the day. This is especially important, however, in hot, dry, and humid climates. By failing to stay hydrated, you run the risk of suffering from heatstroke, a headache, dizziness, disorientation, confusion, hallucinations, seizures, and even loss of consciousness. Experts recommend dividing your weight in pounds by half and drinking however many ounces that equates to. For example, if you weigh 140 pounds, you should aim to drink a minimum of 70 ounces of water per day. If you intend to travel abroad, you must also ensure the tap water is safe to drink beforehand. If not, stock up bottled water from the nearest supermarket. This also includes ice in your drinks. When it comes to getting sick on holiday, drinking water tends to be the most common culprit.


Eat a balanced diet 

You may be on holiday, but you should still eat a balanced diet if and when you can. All it takes it one ingredient to disrupt your digestive system and pose a risk to your overall health and wellness. Depending on the country you intend to travel to, you should seek out fresh fruits and vegetables as well as local produce. If it is good enough for the locals, it is good enough for you. Being on holiday may inspire you to be a little adventurous or sample the local cuisine but you must exercise caution and familiarise yourself with the risks involved before doing so.

Getting sick on holiday is an all-too-common experience for a growing number of travellers. But there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your risk of falling ill during the trip of a lifetime. For example, you should plan ahead, organise travel insurance, stay hydrated throughout the day, and eat a balanced diet if and when you can. 

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