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How to best prepare for a stress-free holiday

Once you have decided to go on holiday and know where you want to go, it might seem that the only thing left is to book your ticket, pack your bags, and you are ready to go. However, sometimes it is good to prepare a bit more than just the tickets and your luggage to ensure you have a stress-free time. Here you can read about some ways to prepare for a nice and relaxing holiday.


Check if you need a visa

It is always good to check if the country you chose requires you to have a visa to go there. It would be a shame to realize only a few days before your departure that you need a visa or, even worse, when you are already at the gate. For most countries outside Europe, you will need a visa. However, if you wish to go to Egypt, India or Kenya for example, it will take longer. An Indian visa can take up to 5 days to be processed. You will also need to check if you fulfil all the visa requirements and if your passport is still valid because in some cases you might need a new one. Some can be delivered very quickly, for example the eTA Canada is often approved within a few hours. 

In some cases, you can qualify for an electronic travel authorisation in place of a visa. In most cases, these authorisations are easier to apply for than a visa. In the USA you can apply for an ESTA, and in Canada, you can apply for an eTA. It is also wise to determine in advance if you qualify for these authorisations, or if you do indeed need a visa

You also need to determine the length of your travels, depending on your visa. In some countries, you can stay a few months, others only let you stay for 2 or 3 weeks. For example, and ESTA is valid for 2 years, and you can travel to America an unlimited number of times, each time up to 90 days. Once you have checked the validity period of your desired destination, you can book your plane tickets.

 Be prepared, but do not plan to much

It is always good to do some research about the country you are visiting and what interesting activities you can do or cities you should visit. It is useful to know how a country works, what it has to offer and what you want to see and do. If you are interested in nature or sports, see which places in the country are best for hiking or surfing, for instance. Or, if you prefer to relax on the beach, it might be good to see where the best beaches are and plan your trip there. If you prefer to visit cities and take in all the culture you can get, you can see what cities are the most beautiful or where the best museums are. Nonetheless, it is also nice to see what you will be doing once you have landed and get a true feel for the country. You might discover more things to do once you are there. The balance between being prepared and being flexible and spontaneous is key for a relaxing holiday and making the most of it.

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Know your budget and currency

Knowing your budget before you leave is a good way to not overspend and to be aware of what you can do and might not want to spend money on. If you have a bigger budget, you can see if you want to stay longer in a country, if your visa permits it. Or if you have a smaller budget, there might be something you want to do from your bucket list to check off. 

It is also very useful to check the currency of the country you have chosen, nothing is worse than arriving and realizing you cannot pay with your own currency or not having some cash. 

Often a country has a different currency and, approximately knowing what the exchange rate is, can work out in your favour. You can also see what your budget can bring you in the country, which might be more than you think. 

Furthermore, it is good to check with your bank if you can use your bank card in the country you are going. Typically, you have to let your bank know before you leave Europe that you wish to use your card internationally. Most banks require this for security reasons. Thus, make sure you can use your bankcard outside of Europe before you leave. 


Vaccinations might be obligatory

As with visas, vaccinations are also sometimes obligatory, and depending on the country, you might need both. Knowing this in advance will make your holiday preparation a lot more stress-free. It is very important to follow the rules surrounding this, so you do not get ill in the country you visit, which will also save you a hospital trip. Read up on what you require for the country, and you will feel better for it once you have left. Sometimes malaria medication can be required. It is always good to consult a doctor before you leave and ask what the requirements are. Also, if you already think you have the required vaccinations, it is good to check if they are still valid.


Make you have travel insurance

One last thing that can be useful when you are taking a longer, international trip is to get travel insurance. You cannot always know what will happen, you might miss a flight or might damage something in rented accommodation. Then it is good to be insured, so you do not pay the full price. What type of travel insurance you get is up to you, you can get one for a longer time, or just one that covers the specific holiday. You do not need to be insured, but it could help overall.  
After this, the only thing that is left to do is have fun on your holiday! Getting there should not be stressful once you have read these tips and know you have prepared well.

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