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How to embrace the #vanlife movement – and work from anywhere in the world

WFH takes on a new dynamic if this is your home (Picture: Vita Coco)

#Vanlife is everywhere right now. Perhaps it’s because we’ve undertaken our own renovation projects, or just because we’re longing for a more nomadic lifestyle.

People have spent the last 18 months quite literally building new lives for themselves – in the form of tricked-out vans.

Take a look at this luxury campervan built from scratch, or the couple who transformed their Mercedes Sprinter into a luxury home on wheels.

It’s understandable that growing numbers are being drawn to a more mobile lifestyle. After more than a year of being legally required to stay at home and restrict our movement, it makes sense that we want to go in the complete opposite direction.

Reading about throwing the rat race away and heading on the road and actually doing it, though, are two different things. Packing up your life and chucking it in the back of a van is not something that can be done lightly.

Things to consider before embracing #vanlife

It’s not as easy as it looks

Despite what you might see on Instagram, real van life includes a lot more uncertainty, and you have to be OK with spending a lot of time on your own.

What are your non-negotiables?

Some things in life you can compromise on, or learn to live without – and others you can’t. If you have to have a bath on a Sunday evening, or can’t imagine life without being plugged in and online all the time, #vanlife might not be for you.

The upfront costs

Yes, you will ultimately save money on rent or a mortgage if you’re living out of a van – but actually getting up and running can cost a fair amount.

One blogger has handily detailed a breakdown of their van renovation costs – and the grand total came to an eye-water £19,000. They say a van that’s reliable and big enough to live in can cost between £8000 and £12000.

Say goodbye to some of your tech 

You must consider what is vital for you in terms of your electronics and gadgets. Electrical systems on board a moving vehicle can only support so much – so you can’t run too many electronics all at once, or you could risk starting a fire.

If all of this sounds like a lot of planning, a new competition could be your chance to make your dream van life happen.

The contest, launched as part of Vita Coco’s Impossible to Hate campaign, is giving people the opportunity to live in their very own refurbished van for a year, working or playing from wherever they power down the engine.

The state-of-the-art camper that you could win has been designed to create the perfect mobile office, fully loaded with the latest tech (super-fast wifi to ensure no awkward Zoom mishaps), and relaxing decor.

Drive to the country’s beauty spots on your lunch breaks (Picture: Vita Coco)

Inside is a fully equipped sleeping area, kitchen, bathroom and workspace, second screen, TV, home cinema projection system, surfboard, paddleboard, and even a portable herb garden.

The idea is to combine staycationing with your ‘hated’ commitments like work, so as soon as you log off for the day you can enjoy the world around you.

The beaches of Cornwall might be your first stop, or you could head to the Highlands for a taste of Scottish wilderness.

#Vanlife advocate Tash Carlisle, who has travelled the country in hers, says: ‘Living in a van may seem crazy to many, but really it allows the spontaneity to explore the outdoors and save a lot of money, whilst still having the ability to live comfortably and earn an income from working on the road.

‘Van life has given me the chance to discover a lot of the country that would have taken me years to have reached and something that I would have usually had to have saved up for.

‘The fact that one day I can choose to wake up and work by a stunning lake in the Lake District, a peaceful forest amongst nature in the Peaks or even a mountainside in Wales makes van life an absolute dream.’

To apply, you need to be 25 or older – find out more online and upload your video here to be in with a chance of winning.


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