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Save space and stress with these handy packing hacks


In many ways, packing up your suitcase (and lugging it around for that matter) is the worst part of any trip – short or long.

Will you have enough clothes? Or even enough room?

And not to mention the extra money it costs to actually bring a big enough suitcase on your flight.

Now, with booster shots out the way and holiday season coming up, it’s no surprise that searches for ‘packing hacks for flying’ have increased by 175%.

Luckily, TikTok is not short of packing tricks that will turn one of the most tedious tasks into a breeze – and Casumo has rounded up some of the best to try.

The best packing hacks, according to TikTok

Roll don’t fold

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Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is a genuinely life-changing technique.

Making your clothes into sausages – rather than folding them and piling them up – is the perfect way to maximise space and is especially useful if you only have a small bag, like a rucksack.

An added bonus is that rolling your clothes actually reduces how much they crease – perfect if you don’t know whether you’ll have an iron at your destination.

Use compression bags

Compression bags are perfect for when you need to save space in your travel bag.

Similar to vacuum-packing your clothes, compression bags remove extra air and flatten the contents to shrink the size – sometimes by up to 80%.

To use them, all you need to do is fold your clothes, put them in, roll them up and tie the zip. Et Voila.

But you may need to back an iron or steamer to get out any pesky creases.

Fill your travel pillow

Now this hack is a little more unorthodox, but, frankly, it’s genius.

If you have a few extra pieces of clothing that won’t fit into your bag that you just can’t leave behind, but you’re not willing to pay for extra luggage, why not try stuffing them into a travel pillow?

Instead of paying £47 for a second bag, Anyatothe on TikTok bought a £9 neck pillow instead.

Simply remove the stuffing and refill the pillow with your lightest and softest items – but make sure you get a neck pillow with a zip.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are not only great for organising your suitcase but are also key to saving space as they compress your clothes.

TikToker @LauraHoran597 managed to pack eight months’ worth of clothes into just one cube.

It’s good to combine techniques here – roll your clothes into the packing cubes to save extra space and prevent creases and organise each cube – so you have swimwear in one, and evening wear in another, for example.

Again, you might want to pack a travel steamer or iron for your journey.

Use a clothes organiser

Clothes organisers, that hang up in the wardrobe, are a great way to organise your outfits when you’re off on holiday.

TikToker @lorafied has changed the packing game with this ‘one step pack and unpack travel hack’.

Simply organise your clothes by day, pack them into each section of a clothes organiser and fold it into your suitcase.

Then, all you need to do is hang it up when you reach your destination.

A bag inside a bag inside a bag

Similar to the packing cubes tip, organising your items into smaller bags to keep inside your larger bag is a great way to keep things organised and avoid damage.

Smaller bags are great for shoes, underwear and toiletries – things that have the tendency to fly all over the place, spill, or take up too much room.

It’s also a great way to check if you have everything you need without emptying your whole suitcase.

Vacuum pack your own items

If you don’t want to fork out for compression bags or you need to take an item that is simply too big – like @bblawncarekc on TikTok – you can actually vacuum pack your own items with a bin bag and a hoover.

All you need to do is put the oversized items in a bin bag and wrap the bag around the nozzle of your hoover which will remove all the air.

Things to buy

If you want to up your packing game, you may need to make a few small investments here and there.

Compression bags

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Packing cubes

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Travel steamer

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Travel Iron

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Clothes organiser

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Travel pillow with zip

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