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This £18 under-seat travel bag is making big waves on TikTok

‘You can fit so much in’ (Picture: Amazon/TikTok)

A compact travel bag is hitting it big on social media, with buyers claiming it offers plenty of room – but is also small enough to fit under your seat, so you’ll avoid any extra baggage charges.

The bag in question, which can be found on Amazon, is called the Kono Cabin Bag.

It costs £17.99, comes in solid black or navy with black straps and – after some glowing reviews on TikTok – it seems it’s well-worth the money.

After another TikToker posted about the bag, user franchescarosee decided to try it for herself.

Franchesca’s own video singing the bag’s praises has gone on to get 2.1 million views and more than 290,000 likes – so people are obviously impressed.

In the clip, she said: ‘I booked a last-minute flight and a girl off TikTok that I need to give credit to but can’t find posted a video of this Amazon under-the-seat luggage bag.

‘You can fit so much in, and then you don’t have to pay for hand luggage.’

Franchesca was able to fit underwear, sarongs, four bikinis, two gym sets, some day dresses, loungewear, glasses, sandals, cosmetics, straighteners, a beach bag, and electronics, including a laptop.

She said: ‘It looks so big, I thought: “I’m 100% going to get charged for this”‘

But she ended up getting through without a hitch, noting that she could have packed ‘so much more’.

The bag when it was packed and ready to go (Picture: @franchescarose)
Pillow for scale (Picture: @franchescarose)

Franchesca went on to comment under the clip: ‘Thank you @Liz ✨ for the idea, lifesaver, check her video out. Please check measurements with your airline.’

Another TikTok user helpfully pointed out: ‘Be careful coming back from places that’s when they sting you. I got away with it flight there but on the way back charged £60.’

Behold (Picture: Amazon)
Success (Picture: @franchescarose)

With those caveats in mind, it seems people are still very keen on the cute little bag.

One wrote: ‘Here’s me adding the bag to my basket, with no flights booked and an expired passport.’

Another said: ‘The moment when you realise you don’t need a suitcase when travelling is the best thing ever.’


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