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Top 5 countries with gambling tourism

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The gamblers community has tens of millions of people around the world, but there are countries in which gambling is most popular. There, people choose different types of entertainment for themselves – casinos, slot machines, live casino not on GameStop, betting, or lotteries, but all of them are united by the unconditional love of excitement and games.

We present to you five of the most attractive places for gambling lovers.

France, Monaco

This country is an ideal place for lovers of gambling entertainment. There are more than 200 casinos in France. If you are going to visit Paris to see the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, as well as admire the paintings in the Louvre, be sure to stop by the famous Aviation Club de Paris. This is one of the most famous poker rooms, which is famous for hosting the World Poker Tour regularly.

When visiting France, it is unwelcome not to visit the area of the dwarf state of Monaco. This place is known all over the world for its elite casinos, excellent beaches, as well as the Formula 1 racing championship. The country’s economy receives a good income from tourism and gambling. By the way, here is one of the oldest European casinos, which is already 120 years old.

China, Macao

What is gambling tourism for a gambler without visiting Asian countries? We are talking about Macau, where there are several dozen casinos with slot machines, roulette, and card tables. There is a special atmosphere and a wide range of entertainment. Macau’s thriving gambling industry consists of dog racing and horse racing, China Instant Lottery (Pacapio), and numerous slots. There you can also find the main types of table entertainment in the largest local casinos. You can play Pacapio at the Lisboa Hotel and the Pacapio Wing Hing Center.

Note that Macau gambling laws require the minimum age to enter the casino to be 21 years. To become a client of the institution, you must have an identity card with you. For the greater convenience of guests, many large gambling establishments organize direct bus services from and towards border crossings.

USA, Las Vegas

Gambling tourism is very common in the United States because Las Vegas is almost synonymous with gambling. The most famous casino is Las Vegas Stratosphere with an area of more than 7,000 square meters. There are many slot machines, card games, all kinds of roulette, and sweepstakes. To start the game, it is not necessary to be a wealthy person. The minimum bet in blackjack is only $5. No matter how hard the competitors try, the title of the capital of gambling entertainment belongs to Las Vegas. More than 100 casinos operate here, which is an absolute record. Many gamblers living in the USA however prefer to pay by mobile casino so they can get a signup bonus with instant withdrawal and other gifts.


In Singapore, casinos offer guests traditional games of chance and slot machines. Of particular interest is the Marina Bay Sands complex. It includes a casino, a hotel, an exhibition and conference center, and a shopping center. In addition, on the territory of the complex you can visit the museum of art and science, there are two theaters, seven restaurants, and much more for its guests. And at the very top is the “Sky Park” (Sky Park), inside which is a 150-meter pool.

Gambling tourism is especially attractive for gamblers. After all, in addition to traveling to a new country, you can visit a casino. In Singapore, these can be games at classic tables with dealers or on special LCD screens. Non-alcoholic drinks for customers are free here, the main condition is an identity card. Residents and citizens of Singapore must pay a special fee of one hundred dollars a day to visit the casino, and admission is free for guests of the country. Many extreme gamblers are looking for the best casino cruise ships. For fans of everything unusual in Singapore, there is a floating casino on a skyscraper. It is located on the Resorts World cruise ship on Sentosa Island.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the leader in the development of the gambling business in the Caribbean region. Here, the largest hotel complexes offer incredible opportunities for gambling entertainment for their guests. So, for example, in Punta Cana, there are 18 casinos at once, most of which are located on the territory of hotels. Gambling tourism for gamblers implies maximum convenience because this location is incredibly comfortable for tourists. In addition, hotels offer nice bonuses, such as free admission to the casino and drinks.

Casinos in the Dominican Republic range from small to incredibly large. In the first case, you can find the most popular card tables and slot machines. On the territory of the largest establishments, visitors can expect the latest technology along with their favorite traditional games. As in several other countries, the administration of the casino here, as a rule, provides visitors with a free transfer to hotels. Bets are accepted in Dominican pesos and US dollars.


Gambling tourism is becoming an increasingly popular recreational option. Its purpose is to enjoy gambling entertainment alongside ordinary vacation. Some people even manage to win a good amount and return home with a profit.


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