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1000lb Sisters: Fans rip into Tammy Slaton after she reveals secret meet up with married ex Jerry Sykes

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1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton cut ties with Jerry Sykes exactly when we thought she did (Picture: TLC)

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton left fans furious after she revealed she had enjoyed a secret meeting with her married ex-boyfriend Jerry Sykes.

The season three premiere of her hit TLC show kicked off with a bang as the world finally got to catch up with the 35-year-old and her sister, Amy Slaton.

Most were focused on learning about how the sisters have been getting along with their weight loss journey and many were surprised to learn that Tammy has spent time with her former flame just days before she head into rehab for food addiction.

Tammy’s ill-fated relationship with Jerry was a major source of drama last season after he was exposed by his estranged wife about the public romance.

Despite knowing Jerry’s marital status, Tammy appeared to hint she still wanted to enter a committed relationship with him during a confessional with her sister.

The reality star could be seen explaining that before Jerry broke up with her, all she had wanted was a ‘promise ring or to get married, engaged.’

My Celebrity Life –
The pair split up at the end of season two after Jerry’s estranged wife spoke out (Picture: TLC)

She later admitted she saw him ‘two days before’ she left for rehab, telling Amy: ‘I had a weak moment. I don’t want him back. I just wanted the d**k.

Amy made her feelings clear in a solo confessional, stating: ‘I’m kind of p**sed off that Tammy saw Jerry a couple days before going to rehab because he is a feeder at the end of the day.

‘A feeder is someone who feeds you and feeds you until you’re so big your body basically gives out. Gluttony is very attractive to them.’

My Celebrity Life –
The reality revealed she had hoped to get engaged to Jerry (Picture: TLC)

She continued: ‘You can stuff piles and piles of food in your mouth and that turns them on more and more.’

Viewers also shared their dismay as one tweeted: ‘Not tammy still messing around with Jerry trifling a**!’.

My Celebrity Life –
Tammy went on to briefly date a man who calls himself The BBW King (Picture: TLC)

‘Jerry can’t marry you, when he’s already married to someone else,’ another added.

One fan commented: ‘This b**ch Tammy is worried about Jerry’s approval when she can barely walk and can’t even breathe on her own! She is a straight clown [Clown face emoji]’

‘Tammy, we all know the truth about Jerry! Why are you lying to the viewers when we all saw the pics with him and that woman?!’ another stated.

In a chat with TMZ last year, Jerry claimed the reason for the pair’s split was because he needed closure on his marriage.

Jerry explained that he ‘felt guilty’ over how things are with wife Kia Russell-Rucker Sykes – who found out about his new romance when tuning into the show.

1000lb Sisters airs on TLC in the US and is available to stream on Discovery+.


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