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7 of the best feel-good Christmas specials to binge in lockdown 2.0

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It’s Christmas specials time! (Picture: BBC)

It’s mid-November which only means one thing – it’s time to binge the best Christmas TV specials our beloved streaming sites have to offer.

With the Big Day just weeks away and lockdown 2.0 in full swing, what better way to kill time than sticking on a classic feel-good, yuletide treat?

We’ve compiled seven of the most outstanding specials, guaranteed to melt those icy hearts and fill you with Christmas cheer.

All that’s left to do is to get your comfies on, grab a bottle of wine and a bag of sweet and salted popcorn.

Gavin & Stacey

My Celebrity Life –

Gavin & Stacey is a Christmas staple(Picture: BBC)

Gavin & Stacey is without a doubt a Christmas TV special staple. Perhaps, dare we even say it, the king of Christmas specials.

The first iteration debuted in 2008 and is packed full of timeless scenes – Doris and her talc, Pete punching Dave Coaches, Nessa and her oh! oh! oh!’s.

And if the original wasn’t enough, the Shipmans and the Wests reunited for another special last year and it’s another dose of pure unadulterated joy. Inject it into our veins, please.

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer

Peep Show

Peep Show’s Christmas special Seasonal Beatings is another classic – and this year, it’s celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The chaotic episode follows Mark as he attempts to host a festive lunch for his family at the flat for the first time, but he only goes and Jez’s it.

The whole shebang gets off to a pretty dire start when Jez cracks a Christmas joke pretending he’s forgotten to buy the turkey, catapulting Mark into an expletive-laden meltdown.

And things only go from bad to worse.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Office

The Office (UK) dropped a two-part Christmas special in 2003, wrapping the sitcom for good.

Although bittersweet, the festive offering sees Dawn and Tim finally kiss at the Christmas party after two series of will-they-won’t-they. An actual Christmas miracle.

And because one Christmas miracle is never enough, the grand finale also gifted fans one parting present – David Brent making his colleagues laugh for the first time.

Where to watch: Netflix

Schitt’s Creek

My Celebrity Life –

Schitt’s Creek = wholesome content (Picture: Netflix)

Schitt’s Creek treated fans to a Christmas episode in 2018, and it’s every bit as heartwarming as one would hope.

Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose follows Johnny as he desperately attempts to throw a lavish Christmas bash in just 12 hours, with absolutely no help from Moira, David and Alex.

Although Johnny’s party isn’t exactly like the extravagant ones he hopes to recreate from his past, the new one isn’t so bad and helps him to see the Rosebud spark in all its unpretentious glory. Expect happy tears.

Where to watch: Netflix

Doctor Who

My Celebrity Life –

Doctor Who never fails to disappoint when it comes to Christmas specials (Picture: PA)

If there’s one thing we can count on each festive season, it’s a bloody good dose of Doctor Who and so far, there have been 15 specials from the revived era.

From the one with the actual Kylie Minogue to the return of the Cybermen, each special is glorious in its own unique way.

And there’s a new Doctor Who Christmas special on the way this year, with Jodie Whittaker’s the Doctor set to go head-to-head against the Daleks.

Where to stream: Netflix

The Vicar Of Dibley

My Celebrity Life –

Just Dawn French being relatable in The Vicar Of Dibley (Picture: Netflix)

The Christmas Lunch Incident is arguably one of The Vicar Of Dibley’s best episodes, automatically making it an annual must-watch.

The special sees Dawn French’s Geraldine endure four Christmas lunches back to back in order to keep up appearances in the village, only to spend the rest of her evening confined to the sofa as a result of her own greed.

Have you ever come across anything more relatable? I don’t think so.

It’s 45-minutes of Christmas feasting and therefore impossible to get through without demolishing at least five mince pies, 12 chocolate coins and a handful of chestnuts. Basically, what’s not to love?

Where to stream: Netflix


My Celebrity Life –

Ebenezer Blackadder turns into a right piece of work after being visited by three ghosts (Picture: BBC)

The Blackadder cast parodied Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol in 1988 and it’s still every bit as hilarious.

Set between Blackadder the Third and Blackadder Goes Forth, the special begins with Ebenezer Blackadder (Rowan Atkinson) being coined the nicest man in England.

But after a visit from the Ghost of Christmas past, present and future, Blackadder soon learns the errors of his ways and wakes up a total tw*t on Christmas morning.

Where to stream: BBC iPlayer

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