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A Discovery of Witches: All the questions we’re dying to get answers for in Season 2

After more than a year of waiting, A Discovery of Witches is finally back on our screens as season two begins this week.

The fantasy drama proved one of the cult hits of 2018 when it landed on Sky One, telling the story of Diana Bishop, a young witch who discovers her magical abilities after an encounter with vampire Matthew Clairmont (Matthew Goode).

The second season picks up after the pair travelled through time to escape the shadowy forces of the Congregation. There, Matthew and Diana will attempt to find a powerful witch teacher to help her harness her magic.

After the pandemic forced the series back last year, fans will be delighted the second run of the show is here after all this time – and with season three already confirmed, there’s a whole lot more to look forward to yet.

In the meantime, these are all the questions we’re dying to have answered ahead of season two.

What lies in store for Diana and Matthew in 1590 London?

The pair arrive in the capital after travelling through time (Picture: Simon Ridgway)

The first-look pictures and the trailer show Matthew and Diana find a new home on the streets of 16th Century London, and viewers will be desperate to see their latest adventures play out on screen.

The new setting is quite a departure from the leafy modern day Oxford that played host to the events of season one, and an intriguing move for the show.

Who will they come up against? We know one of the major characters they’ll encounter will be dashing playwright Kit Marlow, played by Tom Hughes. The actor is known for his performances in Victoria, and sure to add a brooding presence in the new episodes. There’s also Gallowglass to look out for, Matthew’s vampire nephew played by Steven Cree.

How will Gallowglass make an impression on the show? (Picture: Sky)

They’re sure to make a big impact on the show, with actor Steven telling that he’ll bring ‘some laughs and lightheartedness’ to the show.

While we’ll have to wait and see what they discover in the new series, one thing’s for certain – the period costumes and set design are some of the most impressive we’ve seen on UK TV, and promises much ahead of the new episodes.

Will Diana learn to harness her powers?

Teresa Palmer as Diana Bishop (Credits: Sky UK Ltd)

Diana grew in confidence and assurance as season one progressed, with Matthew helping her to control her powers. However, the strength of her abilities calls for a more advanced teacher, and the pair’s search for a tutor looks set to be a big part of season two.

It looks like Sheila Hancock’s Goody Alsop could be the one to help her harness her supernatural power. A significant character in the Deborah Harkness novels the show is based on, Goody could be the key to Diana unlocking her true potential. If she manages that, there’s no limit to how powerful she could become.

Will Diana and Matthew’s love ever be accepted?

A Discovery of Witches season 2 arrives this week (Picture: Simon Ridgway)

Forbidden love has been right at the heart of the series since the very beginning, with Diana and Matthew falling for one another in season one against all the odds. With inter-species relationships between vampires and witches strictly outlawed by The Covenant, the pair continue to take great risks by being together.

With the pair now on the run in 16th century London, it remains to be seen whether their new surroundings and the characters they encounter will be more forgiving of their situation, agreeing to form allegiances with Diana and Matthew despite their love being forbidden.

One thing is for sure, their enemies Gerbert, Knox, Satu and Domenico are unlikely to ever look kindly on their relationship. With them breathing down their necks, Diana and Matthew will face a race to avoid detection, even four centuries in the past.

Who will find the Book of Life?

A Discovery of Witches S2 arrives this week (Picture: Sky TV)

The Book of Life (also known as Ashmole 782) has always been key to the balance of power in A Discovery of Witches, with Diana summoning it unintentionally in season one after many had tried and failed.

Matthew and Diana are hoping that by harnessing her powers, Diana can find the book and keep it safe from malevolent forces. Will they be able to do so? It’s one of the biggest questions to be answered in season two.

How will Marcus fare as Grandmaster of the Knights of Lazarus?

Marcus has a big role to play in S2 (Picture: Sky)

While the show’s two main stars have headed back in time for their own protection, there’s still an awful lot to focus on in modern day Oxford. One thing we’re dying to see is how Marcus Whitmore’s role is set to change without Matthew Clairmont by his side.

After Matthew left for the 16th century, the young vampire was made the Grandmaster of the Knights of Lazarus at the end of season one, and he’s set to take on a huge amount of responsibility in season two.

Speaking about his character’s arc, Ed told ‘What we see in series two, is Marcus really being able to break away from the people who he’s constantly been in the shadow of.

‘[Marcus] has always been a bit of a bit of more of a playboy vampire – which is my favorite type of vampire – but this is the season that we see him start to give up and sort of start to take responsibility and really look after the people around him.’

It’s one of the elements we can’t wait to see when the show returns.

A Discovery Of Witches Season 2 begins on January 8 at 9pm on Sky One.


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