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A Place In The Sun star reveals creepiest items found in properties – from dirty pants to spooky statues

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Jasmine Harman has presented the show for years (Picture: Rikkyal)

A Place In The Sun star Jasmine Harman has presented the show for a whopping 16 years – and she’s seen pretty much everything in that time.

While the properties presented to house hunters as nothing less than spick and span on the show, the star revealed that’s not always the case when her team arrive on the scene.

Chatting to as the Channel 4 show heads to prime time for its 21st birthday, Jasmine revealed the weirdest and creepiest items she’s found over the years, and you might want to brace yourselves.

Hinting she’s seen some real horrors, Jasmine laughed: ‘What can I tell you that’s suitable for public? Some terrible ones are coming into my head!’

She recalled times when tenants living in the properties ‘haven’t bothered to make the beds or put their dirty pants away, or you might have loads of dishes in the sink.’

The 44-year-old continued: ‘There are other times, when a property’s been left empty for a long time. And I remember seeing one property, it was almost derelict […]

‘It had this old bed in there, an old iron hospital bed type thing with a mattress that was covered in horrible brown [stuff]. Whatever that was, I have no idea! That was pretty terrifying.

‘This place was full of cobwebs and quite creepy, actually. But we managed to sort it out a bit before the house hunters got there.’

‘One other thing that was really weird, it was quite recently, actually,’ she continued. ‘I don’t know why it was so offensive, but it was this big wooden statue of Pinocchio and it was so grotesque and such an ugly thing, and it sort of had pride of place in this house. So we moved that away for filming, because it was really horrible-looking.’

‘It was a really grotesque Pinocchio, that was like a life-sized boy,’ she remembered.

Jasmine recalled that she and fellow presenter Johnny Irwin, along with some others on the team, would send photos of the items they found in the properties to each other, and compete for who could find the weirdest.

‘I think the weirdest one that I found was a lighter that was in the shape of a mermaid, but the flames came out of her nether regions,’ Jasmine giggled.

Mermaid lighters and creepy statues aside, the show has helped countless house hunters find their dream homes over its 21 years on air.

Speaking about its success, Jasmine reflected: ‘It just shows what an appetite there is amongst Brits to have a property and sunshine – they’re the two main British obsessions combined, aren’t they?’

Referencing the coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions everyone has faced, she added: ‘For a lot of people who are stuck at home, it’s like escapism.

‘I’ve had so many people saying to me that even getting a little fix of sunshine vicariously through A Place In The Sun on TV and a little feeling like you’re escaping from it all, just being able to transport yourself somewhere else for an hour, is really important to them.

‘It’s a great show, it’s so much fun, I love it, and I still love it all these years later.’

A Place in the Sun’s prime time series begins tonight at 7pm on Channel 4.


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