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ABC News accidentally broadcasts satanic ritual clip during live broadcast

ABC TV suffered a blunder earlier this week when a satanic ritual was accidentally broadcast during a live segment about a new law that proposes prison for hurting police animals.

The Australian network had been airing footage of police minister Mark Ryan and two other men in suits when, out of nowhere, a video of a man in a black robe standing close to an upside-down cross flashed up on the screen instead.

In the bizarre clip, which was shot in red lighting, the robed man held his arms up and exclaimed: ‘Hail, Satan.’

Presenter Yvonne Yong appeared to be confused by the video, however, she carried on with her reporting like a pro.

She later spoke out about the mishap on social media when a fan asked what the hell had happened. (Sorry not sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

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A robed man was heard saying: ‘Hail, Satan’ (Picture: ABC News)

‘That was a system error and rather unfortunate timing!’ Yvonne penned.

Viewers were largely in hysterics by the gaffe and shared it far and wide on social media.

‘This is a work of art and it must be protected,’ wrote one.

Echoing a similar sentiment, another added: ‘I’ve never laughed like I’m laughing right now.’

But how did this error come to be?

My Celebrity Life –

Yvonne Yong said it was a system error (Picture: ABC News)

One person pointed out that the network had recently covered a story about Noosa Temple of Satan, a satanic group based in Queensland, Australia, and argued the mix-up was an easy mistake.

It appears the footage came from this Noosa Temple of Satan livestream from last October.

The group, which is composed of self-described Satanists, recently made headlines in Australia as it is pushing for the Australian government to allow Satanists to teach religious classes in schools.

Temple member Trevor Bell previously told Brisbane Times that if Satanists could not teach religion in school, then no religions should be allowed.

Credit: Original article published here.

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