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Actual ghostbuster vicar confronted in wooden mask reveals how he got rid of spirit from family home

A reverend dubbed as ‘the real-life ghostbuster’ has revealed how he got rid of a spirit from his family home after he was confronted by a ghoul in a wooden mask.

Appearing via video link on Wednesday’s This Morning, Reverend Jason Bray retold the story of how he came face-to-face with the spirit of a priest.

The vicar began by explaining to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that after he became ordained, his family were given a house to move in to.

However, despite moving in at the beginning of the summer, their new home remained ‘dark and cold’, especially in his son’s bedroom.

‘It never got any warmer,’ Reverend Bray began. ‘It was icy in his bedroom particularly around his cot, it was much colder than the rest of the house.

‘Two things happened. I went on a residential course and came back and Laura my wife said: “It was icy in his bedroom, around his cot it was like walking into one of those walk-in freezers so I had to bring him into bed with me”.

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Reverend Jason Bray is dubbed as the real-life ghostbuster (Picture: ITV)

‘I thought that’s a bit strange, it shouldn’t happen that way.’

A couple of nights after he returned from his course, Reverend Bray recalled seeing a man wearing a wooden mask.

‘I went to the bathroom and came out and just as I was about to open the door, I knew when I opened the door I would see somebody,’ he added.

‘It was a guy standing in front of me, looking at me glaring at me through this wooden mask with eye holes in it, with grey eyes glaring straight at me.

‘I knew instinctively that he was a priest and actually there was quite a bit of hostility there towards me, so courage in both hands I opened the door nothing there of course.’

After realising that they weren’t living in the house alone, Reverend Bray sought advice from a local priest who helped him to bless the house in hopes it would move the spirit on.

He continued: ‘I went to the local priest and he had a bottle of holy water and a prayer book and he blessed the house and splashed it with holy water.

‘We all said the lord’s prayer together and there was suddenly a change (in the house) it was warm and light.’

Since that day, Reverend Bray, who likes to be known as a deliverance minister, went on to bless other people’s houses.

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