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Adorable boy, 4, with missing limb brings Loose Women to tears as he proudly declares ‘I’m not strange’ after cruel remark from grown adult

Loose Women panelist Judi Love was almost reduced to tears on Friday’s show when a four-year-old boy with a missing limb sent in an adorable video after a grown adult called him ‘weird’.

A recent episode of Loose Women saw the panel discuss the language people use when speaking about people with disabilities.

The conversation prompted a huge reaction, and led to the mother of little Callum to get in touch with the show, with her message read out on Friday’s episode.

She wrote: ‘As the mum of a child with a visible limb difference, we’ve had the stares and parents pulling children away when the kids have questions. Let them ask! Let the kids be curious.’

She revealed: ‘We once had a grown adult call him weird.’

Callum however, despite his disability, is a happy little boy who captured everyone’s hearts as he appeared on the show via a video clip where he said: ‘Good morning everyone!

Callum stole the hearts of everyone watching the show (Picture: ITV)

‘My name is Callum, I am four years old.’

He said he was born the way he was after being in his ‘mum’s tummy’, and declared: ‘I am not strange, I am awesome!’

Panelists Judi, Kaye Adams, Penny Lancaster and Katie Piper swooned over the sweet video, with Judi even seen to get emotional and having to wipe her eyes.

The Loose Women panel were blown away by the boys’ bravery (Picture: ITV)

The programme then showed another clip from young boy Reuben, who has a similar disability to Callum and wanted to send him a message.

Reuben said: ‘Hi Callum!

‘I want you to know that you’re not weird, you’re a limited edition. That means there’s not that many people like you, or as cool as you.’

He added: ‘You’re my buddy!’

Reuben had a special message for his ‘buddy’ Callum (Picture: ITV)

The Loose Women team heaped praise on both boys, with Kaye marvelling at at the ‘wisdom of youth’, saying there was a certain ‘judgement’ that comes ‘as we get older’.

Judi, still emotional and slightly teary, joked: ‘I was trying to hold on to these eyelashes today.’

The sweet piece garnered a reaction online, with one person writing: ‘How could a grown ‘adult’ call that child weird?’, adding: ‘Bloody hell, there’s some scum around.’

Another wrote simply: ‘Callum’s awesome!’ – and we definitey agree!

Callum and Reuben’s videos came about after a discussion earlier in the week on disabilities and the way able-bodied people sometimes ask intrusive questions.

TV presenter and disability campaigner Sophie Morgan, who uses a wheelchair, was a guest panelist on Monday’s episode.

She revealed has had ‘intrusive’ questions from people about her disability, with taxi drivers having asked her if she can walk or even if she can have children.

The presenter urged able-bodied people to ‘use common sense and be kind and respectful’ when chatting to wheelchair users.

Loose Women airs at 12.30pm on weekdays on ITV.


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