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Alex Jones dumped boyfriend ‘on live TV’ for stealing Angelina Jolie interview – was it Steve Jones?

Alex Jones used to date Steve Jones (Picture: BBC – ITV)

Alex Jones has revealed she dumped a boyfriend live on TV for stealing her chance to interview Angelina Jolie – and all signposts are pointing towards Steve Jones.

The 44-year-old presenter has just welcomed her third child with husband Charlie Thomson, but back in 2003, she was dating fellow Welsh presenter Steve Jones.

Alex had been hired as an entertainment correspondent for the short-lived Channel 4 breakfast show RI:SE, but missed out on a golden opportunity due to her fella.

Speaking to Angela Scanlon on her Thanks A Million podcast, The One Show host explained: ‘[My boyfriend at the time] moved to London and started working in London. So did I – I was recruited, believe it or not, on a show called Rise, which I don’t know whether you remember, it was a breakfast show on Channel 4 and I became the entertainment correspondent.

‘I did all these junkets with film stars. So every Thursday I would come to London and then I would do Thursday and Friday with them and stay for the weekend. I must have been about 25 by this point…

‘One day I was in Topshop on Oxford Street and the production company who made the show called the flat were we lived essentially and said we need to speak to Alex. Angelina Jolie is available for an interview and we need her to come and do it now.

‘And he said, ”oh Alex is ill and she actually in Wales, but I could come”. So off he went, I’m still in Topshop, unbeknown to me, buying cheap jeans and shoes.

‘And so I got back to the flat and was like, where is he? Hours went past, nobody answering their phones and in the end thought, right I’m going to drive back to Cardiff, because I don’t know where you are, you’ve probably gone to the pub.’

Alex was left stunned when she found out that her boyfriend, who she didn’t name, had done the interview, and said: ‘And then the production company called, and they were like, we’ve got bit of a situation. Tomorrow morning your boyfriend is going to the premiere with Angelina Jolie and it it would be really funny if you came on the line, live on the show and surprise him and said that you know exactly what he’s been up to.

‘So again, I said yes, so on live telly I’m like, you lied to me, where have you been? So yeah, not surprisingly, we split up live on telly!’

While Alex kept the details of who her boyfriend was under wraps, Steve got snapped up for T4 after producers saw him interviewing Angelina on RI:SE.

The former model had flirted with the actress and asked for her number, and he told Wales Online: ‘They saw my interview with her and liked my style so asked me into the office. I was the only one they screen tested so I would have looked stupid if I did not get it.’

Alex has just welcomed her third child (Picture: Instagram)

In the same interview in late 2003, Steve confirmed he had split from Alex, saying: ‘We are still friends, these things just happen. Alex is brilliant but now I am being a good boy and chucking everything into T4.’

Steve, 44, has since married model Phylicia Jackson.

While Alex joked about the incident on the podcast, she admitted that it was a ‘dark time’.

She said: ‘It was a really dark time for about six months and even though I was still very happily working in Wales, I just wasn’t myself, my mum was really worried, my friends were really worried and at that point I thought, nobody is going to me like that again…

‘I’ve had really nice boyfriends and a really nice husband, but I’m grateful because I needed that experience and I thought when I got myself together, I’m going to have a successful career, I’m going to work really hard and I think it was a real turning point for me.

‘I stopped messing about and I focused and from that point forward, was a real turning point forward when real good stuff started happening. It was mad and I can honestly can laugh about it now and I mean there’s a lot to laugh about, but at the same time, I’m super grateful to him because that experience taught me so much. It taught me about how fickle our industry is, how tough you needed to be.

‘Because I was just a little Welshy, who was like, nobody would do a bad thing on purpose, then was like oh, they actually do. But it taught me a lot about being in love with the wrong person and about how it can really damage you and damage your confidence.

‘And I built myself back up and I thought, I’m going to be a grown up from now on, I’m going to do things properly, I’m going to work at my career and from then on, it started feeling a lot more stable.’

Alex has been the host of The One Show since 2010, and today confirmed that she welcomed her third child, and first daughter, on Saturday.

She wrote on Instagram: ‘We have some news………Our beautiful daughter came safely into the world on Saturday afternoon 21.08.21.

‘Tiny, but perfectly formed we are all beyond happy and besotted by her, especially Ted and Kit. Watching them with their brand new little sister is just the best and we can’t believe how lucky we are to have the 3 of them and to be a family of 5.’

Alex and Charlie are also parents to sons Teddy, four, and Kit, two.

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