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Alison Hammond reveals terrifying hospital ordeal after painful fall: ‘It was a trauma’

Alison Hammond has opened up about having an absolute ordeal after falling over in her garden, revealing she had to go to hospital after fearing she might have deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

The This Morning host brought her sense of humour to the situation as she showed off CCTV from her garden on the show.

In the clip, Alison can be seen slipping over on some garden tiles, with the star pointing out that the video had to be slightly censored as she loves chilling at home without underwear (truly, who can blame her?).

Her co-host Dermot O’Leary and chef Rustie Lee were left in stitches at the video, with the X Factor host giggling as he declared it ‘noonie time’.

However, Alison revealed it was a bit more serious than she initially thought.

‘It’s actually quite a bad fall, you know?’ she admitted, before setting the scene.

‘You’ve got to imagine, it’s raining, it’s full on. You can’t even see the rain on the CCTV. So it’s raining, I can’t get up because I think I’ve broken my leg, my brother comes out – he’s trying to lift me up. His bottom is showing all on the CCTV, he can’t lift me up because obviously I’m quite big,’ she recalled.

Alison slipped on the tiles in her garden (Picture: ITV)

‘I eventually use the bad leg and then I totter inside. I’m absolutely soaking wet.’

Dermot went on to describe the ‘gash’ on her leg as ‘horrific’ with the pair explaining they couldn’t show it on TV.

‘It was a trauma!’ Alison said. ‘Not only that, then this vein came on the back of my knee right? And I was like, “Oh my god, I’ve got a DVT.” I went to the doctors and the doctor said “You really need to go to hospital.” Then I’m in hospital for like seven hours and Julia [a nurse] she patched me up.

‘I did my blood tests, no DVT, it was just a vein on my leg,’ she concluded.

Thankfully Alison seems to have bounced back just fine – and her trademark sense of humour is clearly intact!

Alison brought her sense of humour to the situation (Picture: ITV)

Alison and Dermot took over hosting the Friday slot on This Morning from Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford earlier this year.

The TV stars recently got honest about presenting as a team, recalling that they had honest conversations about what they didn’t like.

‘We literally were thrown together, like an arranged marriage,’ recalled Alison. ‘It took about two months before we became comfortable.’

Dermot explained: ‘When you start a show and you start with someone they normally go, “Oh you need to meet so and so. This is the person we’re thinking about pairing you with.” You go out for lunch or you have a meeting. But this was literally like, “you’re on air in half an hour.”

‘When you’re co-presenting, it takes a while to get to know those nuances and those little beats – “I’m going to talk now or you’re going to talk now.”

‘You find out about each other’s sense of humour, what you like about each other, what you don’t like about each other and those things take about two months.’

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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