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Andie MacDowell really wants to go skinny dipping once the pandemic is over because why not?

Andie MacDowell is ready to let loose and have some fun once the pandemic is over and we are all free to travel around again.

The Hollywood actress opened up about her plans to meet up with friends and go skinny dipping in a lake during a hilarious chat with James Corden.

During a virtual appearance on Monday’s Late Late Show with James Corden, the Four Weddings and a Funeral star explained her future travel plan: ‘During this time, I’ve been alone a lot, and it’s tough being alone. I’ve been texting a lot and I’ve found the people who really care about me.

‘I have three friends in North Carolina and we have had the greatest bond during this time. They are such a blast, I cannot wait to go see them. They are really fun chicks, super cool.’

The 62-year-old continued: ‘One of them was out on the boat doing mushrooms, I don’t want to do that but I do want to get out on the boat. We’re going to go skinny dipping… I might do mushrooms, I don’t know.’

Host James couldn’t hold back his laughter as Andie then continued: ‘One of them sent me a picture of her skinny dipping on New Year’s with a really big New Year’s hat on. She was butt-naked, skinny dipping in the lake. Just really fun people.’The surprising statement led James to comment to his band: ‘This is not connected with the nudity, but I’d quite like to be friends with Andie, wouldn’t you? I think it would be a fun hang.’

Andie responded: ‘Come down to the lake with us and do shrooms!’

Elsewhere in the chat, the Groundhog Day star explained that she converted the plastic wrapping on her new massage table into extra protection against COVID-19 for a recent flight.

At first, she joked about the idea of covering herself with a giant plastic bag, but then found herself using it in airports and on airplanes.

The actress demonstrated with the actual bag and explained that she wore a mask as well but made sure she left an opening in the bag so she wouldn’t suffocate.


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