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Angela Black viewers left horrified by ‘sick’ baby scene as she tried to make him ‘walk on water’

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The show split viewers on Sunday night (Picture: ITV)

Angela Black was back on Sunday night but some viewers were left horrified by one particular moment.

Everyone watching at home is still trying to figure out the truth in the Joanne Froggatt drama on ITV, and last night’s edition included one of the show’s more disturbing moments.

The episode took place mainly as a flashback as Angela is in the psychiatric institute, while scenes showed her taking her child to a swimming pool and – believing the baby to be an incarnation of Jesus.

She was shown holding him with his feet on the surface and letting go, thinking he’d be able to walk on water, with onlookers thankfully getting involved before it was too late.

One viewer wrote: ‘This is sick! Who wants to watch a woman attempt to murder a baby at 9.45pm on a Sunday ?!’

They added: ‘I get it happens and I feel for any woman suffering from post-natal depression but how did that scene get past the censors! Too graphic and too triggering for the viewers. It is sick. #AngelaBlack’

Another said: ‘Made me sick to my stomach. #AngelaBlack’

And a different viewer claimed: ‘#AngelaBlack for me has gone too far, it’s not for me and I don’t care how it ends. Some things are off limits and showing a child in water is a big NO!! Bad direction!’

However, others defended the scenes with plenty pointing out she wasn’t trying to kill the child, because she ‘thought her baby was Jesus’.

One fan tweeted: ‘She wasn’t trying to murder him. She thinks he’s the Messiah and will be able to walk on water.’

And another viewer praised the scenes, adding: ‘Angela Black is disturbing but brilliant. I think so many mums have had those moments where you just can’t take the crying baby any more. Good to see it broached’.

‘She didn’t attempt to murder him,’ one fan explained. ‘She thought he was Jesus reincarnated, wanted him to walk on water so others could see it too. Clearly suffering from postnatal depression and bereavement’.

Others defended the content, with ITV warning viewers about ‘strong language and scenes that some viewers may find upsetting’.

One viewer added: ‘You were literally warned before the show started and during the show! It was upto you as to whether you watch it or not (sic)’

Angela Black continues on Sunday night at 9pm on ITV.


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